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Gulf Coast Cowboy Hour 9-25-2013

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Gulf Coast Cowboy Hour! (7pm CST)


1 Coastal Cowboy / John Friday
2 Pontoon / Little Big Town
3 Any Way the Wind Blows / Latitude
4 Top Down Kind of Day / Steve Tolliver
5 Sandy Key / Sunny Jim
6 Just a Wannabe / Kelly McGuire
7 Fat Guy In a Hawaiian Shirt / Johnny Russler & The Beach Bum Band
8 Sheila Tequila (from Cinco de Mayo) / John Reno
9 Somethin’ ‘Bout a Boat / Jimmy Buffett
10 Sandy Toed Beach Bum Life / Erik Pietsch
11 Ocean Waves / Jimmy Parrish & The Ocean Waves Band
12 Better Than Buffett / The Island Fever Band
13 My Little Island Town / Key West Chris

Click for KBEC 1390 Classic Texas Music - Gulf Coast Cowboy Hour

Hello and welcome back everyone! This week we are just going to do what ever comes to mind in our get away time. Grab a Drink, a lawn chair, and some friends. Join us this week on Gulf Coast Cowboy. First up is  John Friday and “Coastal Cowboy”.  Then let’s go motorboatin’ withLittle Big Town and “Pontoon”. Latitude is back with “Any Way the Wind Blows”. Steve Tollivermakes an appearance with “Top Down Kind of Day”. Sunny Jim joins in with “Sandy Key “, and is followed by “Just a Wannabe” sung by Kelly McGuire. Johnny Russler & The Beach Bum Band is back to sing “Fat Guy In a Hawaiian Shirt”. Up next is “ Sheila Tequila (from Cinco de Mayo)” by John Reno .“Somethin’ ‘Bout a Boat ”  by Gulf Coast Legend Jimmy Buffett follows. “Sandy Toed Beach Bum Life ” with Erik Pietsch . Jimmy Parrish & The Ocean Waves Band even join our posse with “Ocean Waves”. The Island Fever Band also make a return appearance with “Better Than Buffett”. We end today’s rotation with Key West Chris -and “My Little Island Town ” . If you would like to make a request or have any suggestions for artists please contact jp Thanks for tuning in with us, hope to see y’all next week!

Tonight’s Schedule for KBEC Gulf Coast Cowboy Hour – 9-18-2013

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Gulf Coast Cowboy Hour!


Click for KBEC 1390 Classic Texas Music - Gulf Coast Cowboy Hour

1 Coulda Shoulda Woulda / Geezy Joe And the Cheap And Easy Band
2 Stuck In Key West Again / Homemade Wine
3 Shrimpin’ and Skrimpin’ / Larry Joe Taylor
4 Call Me the Breeze / J.J. Cale
5 Key Largo / Bertie Higgins
6 Blue Water Bar & Grille / PHINS
7 Bama Breeze / Jimmy Buffett
8 Down In Belize / Jerry Jeff Walker
9 Sand In Her Shoes / Thom Shepherd
10 Home on the Gulf / Jerry Diaz & Hanna’s Reef
11 Live Like Jimmy Buffett / Donny Brewer
12 She’s Like Texas / Josh Abbott Band
13 Magic Chair / John Reno & The Half-Fast Creekers


Hello and welcome back everyone!

This week we have a special featured interview on our mid-week vacation. Grab a Drink, a lawn chair, and some friends. Join us this week on Gulf Coast Cowboy. First up is Geezy Joe And the Cheap And Easy Band and “Coulda Shoulda Woulda” .  Then Homemade Wine with “Stuck In Key West Again”. Larry Joe Taylor is back with “Shrimpin’ and Skrimpin'”. J.J. Cale makes an appearance with “Call Me the Breeze”. Bertie Higgins joins in with “Key Largo”, and is followed by “Blue Water Bar & Grille” sung by PHINS. Guess who’s Back: it’s Jimmy Buffett with “Bama Breeze”. Up next is “Down In Belize” by Texas’ own Jerry Jeff Walker. “ Sand In Her Shoes ”  by Thom Shepherd follows. You’ve heard of home on the range, well how about  “Home on the Gulf ” with Jerry Diaz & Hanna’s Reef . Donny Brewer even joins our posse with “Live Like Jimmy Buffett “. Josh Abbott Band also makes a return appearance with “She’s Like Texas ”. We end today’s rotation with John Reno & The Half-Fast Creekers everybody – and “ Magic Chair ” . If you would like to make a request or have any suggestions for artists please contact jp Thanks for tuning in with us, hope to see y’all next week!

On Island Time in Paradise with WFR – St Lucia

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February 18, 2013

St. Lucia

Yesterday, we spent most of the day at Spiaggia di Santa Lucia a wonderful beach.  And for this time of year it was not all that crowded.

We woke up around noon and hung around in the room for an hour or so and then went for fruit, a salt fish sandwich and a Piton beer.  A great night and a better start to a new day yesterday invigorated us and got us on the road to new places.  There are so many places on St. Lucia that I love I want to show her every one of them.  Spiaggia is a great place to do nothing on a Sunday afternoon and we did a lot of that.  The weather was fabulous and we spent the entire afternoon with our feet in the water, holding hands listening to a mix of Buffett, John Reno, Jambo Joe Bones and a little bit of Hugo Duarte.

As the sun went down we switched to Marley and we lay there on our beach sheet as the stars filled the sky.  Soon we were alone and a warm breeze covered us like a blanket.  I don’t really know how long we were there, but I do know it was long after the last person left the beach that we left.  We found a small local place to eat and enjoy a bottle of wine and each other’s company as the night went on.  Last night was not nearly as long a night as Saturday night was but it was enjoyable and very quiet.

As for today we headed north to a place I have written about before…Rodney Bay.  We went to one of my favorite places for lunch in Gros Islet. The Eagles Inn has to be the model for every Caribbean hangout wannabe restaurant along the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Coast.  It is a place to remember.  I guess you will have to forget everything I ever said about me not liking touristy places.  Eagles Inn is a tourist destination but it is still a fun and interesting place.  There is a cross section of world humanity in there. If I were a betting man I would bet more than twenty countries were represented in the restaurant  today for lunch.  Each table was its own little socio-economic micro-nation.  We enjoyed the company as usual and the food was great, though we really only ate appetizers as we watched the traffic on the water just feet from our outdoor table.   On your next trip, find your way here.  I am sure you will enjoy it.

St. Lucia never seems to be as touristy as other islands but this year it really seems less so than others.  I don’t know if the economy has slowed the travel or if people just aren’t here.  What ever the reason, I am happy to have more space and less snow birds.

We decided to celebrate a week of Valentines’ this year so we are heading to the beach to work on our tans but I think we plan on heading back to The Eagles Inn around dark to pick up where we left off with an entrée and a little more celebrating before we go to our room.

William Fair Roberts…on island time in paradise.

Featured Artist of the Week – Jerry Diaz

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Jerry Diaz is a songwriter, solo perfomer, and founder of the band “Hanna’s Reef”. The son of a merchant marine (R.L. Diaz) from the coast of Venezuela, and an artist (Irene Rivera) from Mexico, Diaz has both the nautical spirit and the gypsy flair running through his veins. Born and raised on the upper Texas coast, Jerry gives listeners a glimpse of the coastal lifestyle in just about every song he writes. From songs about Key West, Florida, to songs about New Orleans, and the Texas beach towns that he’s grown up in, Diaz takes you on a musical journey of boats, beaches, and bars.
As a songwriter, Diaz has accumulated quite a catalog of songs that have been enjoyed throughout the Gulf Coast, for the last several years. Jerry founded the band “Key West” in 1993, and performed with that band until April of 2002. During that time, Key West recorded three albums, which featured many Diaz originals. It is with Key West that Jerry developed his trademark high-energy “tropical” songwriting style that folks have come to know and love.
After leaving the band Key West, Diaz formed his current band, “Hanna’s Reef”, in July, 2002. Hanna’s Reef features the songwriting of Diaz, including both familiar favorites from the earlier years, plus new compositions. Hanna’s Reef recorded a live album in the summer of 2002 called “Reef Madness”. The band released their first studio CD, “Deja View”, in 2004.
In addition to songwriting, and playing lead guitar with Hanna’s Reef, Jerry also performs regularly as a solo entertainer, and with other songwriters and musicians. In his solo performances, Diaz mixes a combination of original tunes, Jimmy Buffett favorites, and other “tropical” tunes. Jerry covers songs by well known artists, as well as songs by fellow Texans, and coastal songwriters. When Diaz performs solo, he does so with an acoustic guitar only (no backing tracks!)
Diaz has performed in several “songwriter’s showcases”, with fellow songwriters, and good friends. Some of the folks Jerry has performed with include Kelly McGuire, James “Sunny Jim” White, Larry Joe Taylor, Brent Burns, John Reno, David Waugh, Kelly Brown, Jim Hoehn, Sonny Russell, Gordon Price, Jerry Gontag, Jim Morris, Matt Hall, Hugo Duarte, Wes Loper, Eric Stone, Gene Mitchell, Robert Frith, Gary Seiler, Mark Mulligan, Don Burke, and Rick Steffen.
Jimmy Buffett Tribute Show

Having a party,and want to make it a “Margaritaville” themed event? Then Jerry has the perfect solution for you! At your request, Jerry can do a 2-3 hour show consisting of all “Buffett” favorites.

If you are anywhere in the United States, you’re within our travel area. Contact Jerry for rates and availability We’d love to be a part of your event!

Current Schedule

To Book Jerry Diaz:

Wanna have Jerry perform at your venue, poolside party, or three hour cruise? You can contact Jerry directly, to check for availablity, rates, details, etc. You can do so at:

CELL 409-728-0033

(MARY D.) 409-893-8488



Jerry and Mary Diaz (his wife) are also owners and operators of Sail Away Promotions and Entertainment. Sail Away presents several promotions throughout the year, including the annual event PARDI GRAS In addition, Sail Away presents several selected shows by other artists, in the Houston, Texas area.
Jerry & Mary Diaz reside in Nederland, Texas, near the upper Texas coast. They have two daughters, Danielle, and Casey. In addition to the music business, Jerry & Mary are also the local distributors of Pepperidge Farm products in most of Southeast Texas.

All Information is from

Pard-Gras 2012 15th Annual “There Was a Pirate”

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Pardi-Gras 2012 – 15th Annual
“There Was a Pirate”

( “+” denotes events that require credentials )





Event / Entertainers Location / Venue

 WED Jan. 11  Time
JB’s Margaritaville Cafe
   RYTHYM & RAIN Tropical Isle #2 (Orleans)

Jan. 12 3:00p – 6:00p    RADIO MARGARITAVILLE
   Happy Hour Recording
JB’s Margaritaville Cafe
    6:15p – 9:00p + Registration

Bourbon Orleans Hotel  – St. Joseph Room
GENE MITCHELL Bourbon Orleans Hotel  –Bourbon “O” Bar
    7:30p –8:55p JOHN RENO Bourbon Orleans Hotel –
Bourbon “O” Bar
    9:00p – 11:00p CALYPSO NUTS Tropical Isle #2
    11:00p – 1:00a    LATE AS USUAL Tropical Isle #1

Jan. 13

12:00p – 3:00p + Registration

Bourbon Orleans Hotel – St. Joseph room


Bourbon Orleans Hotel – Bourbon “O” Bar



Bourbon Orleans Hotel – Bourbon “O” Bar




Bourbon Orleans Hotel – Bourbon “O” Bar

    1:30p – 3:00p +  JIMMY MARAVENTANO Bourbon Orleans Hotel –
Bourbon “O” Bar
    3:00p – 4:30p +  ERIC STONE Tropical Isle #1
    4:30p – 6:00p +  JIM HOEHN Tropical Isle #1
    4:00p –6:00p + BOURBON STREET PUB CRAWL

various Bourbon Street locations
    6:00p – 7:30p JIMMY PARRISH TRIO Tropical Isle #2
    7:45p + Crowning of Pardi-Gras     King & Queen

Tropical Isle #2
    8:00p -9:00p + Pardi-Gras Parade!

Bourbon Street
    9:00p – 11:30p +  WES LOPER BAND   JB’s Margaritaville– Main Stage
    11:30p – 2:00a       VINCE VANCE & THE     VALIANTS Tropical Isle Original – 600 Bourbon
    12:00a    MONTE TOLAR’S
Pirate Toast

Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shoppe

Jan. 14

12:00p–2:00p +  Registration
700 block of Bourbon  St.
    12:00p – 2:00p PAUL ROUSH Tropical Isle #2
    12:00p – 5:30p + Bourbon Street Pardi !

700 block of Bourbon  St.
    2:15p–3:30p +  JERRY DIAZ & HANNA’S       REEF  700 block of Bourbon Street
    3:30p-4:00p +  ANNOUNCEMENTS,

700 block of Bourbon Street
    4:00p–5:30p +  JERRY DIAZ & HANNA’S        REEF     700 block of Bourbon Street
    6:00p-8:00p +  BRENT BURNS The Gazebo Cafe
    8:30p – 11:00p STILL CRUISIN’ JB’s Margaritaville- Main Stage
    11:00p – 1:00p    LATE AS USUAL Tropical Isle #1

Jan. 15

9:00a – 11:00am +  Sunday Brunch

JB’s Margaritaville
    9:00a –11:00am JIM MORRIS JIMMY B’s Margaritaville –
Main Stage
    11:30a – 1:00p DENNIS DAVIS The Gazebo Cafe
    1:30p –

Tropical Isle #2


Tropical Isle #2




Tropical Isle #2


Collaboration of MOTM Schedules

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Until Next Time… Trop On!













Brian Roberts and Friends will perform at Sloppy Joe’s 11/3 to welcome Parrot Fans to Key West.

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Key West, FL – Sloppy Joe’s
Brian Roberts and Friends will perform at Sloppy Joe’s Thursday, November 3rd to welcome Parrot Fans to Key West.


Show Schedule:
Noon-1:00pm Brian Roberts
1:00 Jimmy Parrish
1:15 Ricky Hana
1:30 Nicky Fabbz
1:45 Jimmy & Jimmy
2:00 Mark Mulligan
2:15 Homemade Wine
2:30 John Reno
2:45 Jerry Diaz
3:00 Key West Chris
3:15 Tiki Thom
3:30pm-4:45pm Brian Roberts

This Trop Rocker show is presented by Sloppy Joe’s and Beach Front Radio


Trop On!

Featured Artist – John Reno

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Who is John Reno, you might ask? John is a singer/songwriter from Fairhope, Alabama. Born in New Orleans, Louisiana, John knew at an early age that music was his passion.

John is not your typical acoustic guitar playing singer songwriter. John’s musical style can be defined as trop rock – a mixture of rock-n-roll and country music with an island theme, and lyrics depicting a laid back lifestyle. John not only defines this musical genre – he lives it!

After getting a degree in accounting from Loyola University and doing a stint as an accountant in Boston, one day John never returned to work after lunch. At lunch, he bought a guitar and by the end of the week, John Reno was born. Within a short time, John Reno was playing at the local clubs and at colleges in the Providence/Boston area. Being a Louisiana boy, and longing for “short-pant” weather, John returned to the Gulf coast area.

John settled in Fairhope, Alabama. Fairhope is the perfect town in the perfect location. Located on the Eastern Shore of Mobile Bay and only two and one half hours from New Orleans, John is at home!

He has, however, done his share of traveling. John has performed from Maine to Mexico and was one of the feature performers on an around the world cruise. Currently, John is touring to promote his new CD – Magic Chair. John is accompanied on this CD by many talented musicians. Magic Chair is the audio definition of trop rock.

John’s Band, the Half-Fast Creekers, consist of a unique combination of instruments and personalities. Dennis Gray, a retired young salt, is the tuba player. (Yes, the band does have a tuba!). Kurt Schneider, a semi-retired architect, plays harmonica and percussion, and Chip Collins, hits the bongo, conga, drums and percussion. John Reno and the Half-Fast Creekers have a diversified song list. In addition to performing the songs written by John, the band’s repertoire has been described as Hoagy Carmichael meets Toby Keith in Margaritaville.

Magic Chair is John’s fourth CD. Magic Chair contains ten tracks that flow nicely from one song to another and demonstrates the magic tone of John’s voice. Each song tells its own story. One song, Heartaches and Hangovers, was co-written by football legend, Kenny “Snake” Stabler. The title track, Magic Chair, puts you right there. This is a song that everyone who listens to it will identify with. Always having a sense of humor, John has included a cover of a song he considers a classic, I Lobster but Never Flounder. To showcase his sense of style, Magic Chair also features an instrumental piece, Mortise and Tenon, as well as a haunting rendition of Drunken Sailor.

John spent ten years touring colleges and universities performing a Caribbean inspired show called “Pirates, Parrots and Margaritas.” This show featured a combination of Jimmy Buffett’s greatest hits along with island Caribbean classics. During this time, John was nominated by Campus Activities Today Magazine as “Best Solo Performer”, “Best Unsigned Artist” and “One of America’s Hottest Acts.”

In addition to the island music, John also performs songs that show his “other side.”
These songs are a masterful blend of musical satire and humor and songs that are just plan funny. These are songs that poke fun at the human condition and highlight John’s

Other John Reno compilations include: John Reno and The Half-Fast Creekers: A Bona Fide Social Club; John Reno – Calypso Joe and John Reno: Total Renovation. John also has a single on the trop rock compilation called Thongs in the Key of Life. John’s CD’s are available on or by visiting John’s website:


Until Next Time…  Trop On!