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Gulf Coast Cowboy: February 12, 7pm CST

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Welcome back to the Gulf Coast Cowboy!

Click for KBEC 1390 Classic Texas Music - Gulf Coast Cowboy Hour


This week episode is dedicated to Valentine’s Day. It’s coming up on Friday, so don’t forget to let the ones you love know it. We’re giving thanks to all of our listeners, so technically, you’re our Valentines! We do this show for you and we wouldn’t be anywhere without the love we get when we play these songs. When you listen to the show tonight, grab your partner, share a drink, and let us take you away to the beach. The show starts at 7pm on Feb 12, don’t miss it!


1. It Soothes Me – Bob Karwin
2. Daddys and Daughters – Kelly McGuire
3. Tropical Standard Time – The Boat Drunks
4. They’re Gettin’ Married Again – Brent Burns
5. Twistin’ the Night Away – The CalypsoNuts
6. Everyday Is Saturday Night – James Hinkle & the Transatlantics
7. Port ‘A’ Saturday Night – Jerry Diaz & Hanna’s Reef
8. Thursday Afternoon at the Conch House Lounge – Jim Morris
9. The Man Song – Latitude
10. Women Love Men With Flaws – Don Middlebrook & Living Soul
11. Coastal Girl – The Bad Monkeys
12. Cozumel Moon – Alternate Route


Gulf Coast Cowboy October 16th 7:00-8:00pm CST

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Gulf Coast Cowboy – October 16th

Click for KBEC 1390 Classic Texas Music - Gulf Coast Cowboy Hour

1. Sand Dollar Millionaire / Mark Mulligan

2. In The Sand / Headin’ South

3. One Particular Harbor / Jimmy Buffett

4. We Got Our Beach Back / Mark Mulligan

5. Walk On The Beach / Rob Mehl

6. Sandbar Serenade / James White

7. Beachfront Town / Larry Joe Taylor

8. Bar On a Beach / Jambo Joe Bones

9. The Beach!!! / Key West Chris

10. Beach Bum / Donny Brewer

11. Beachcombin’ / KD Moore & Greg ‘Fingers’ Taylor

12. Island State of Mind / Kelly McGuire



Hello and welcome back everyone! This week, it’s all about laying out under an umbrella and digging your toes in the sand! Kick back and let us take you away. Mark Mulligan is first up with “Sand Dollar Millionaire” .  Then Headin’ South returns with“In The Sand”. The one and only, Jimmy Buffett joins in and sings his classic “One Particular Harbor ” for us.  Mark Mulligan returns with a tune off of his Back to Laid Backrecord with “We Got Our Beach Back”.  Up next, I think I need a drink. Wait, where am I? Ahh yes..  Ok now next, Rob Mehlchimes in with “Walk On The Beach”, and is followed by “Sandbar Serenade” from James White. “Beachfront Town” byLarry Joe Taylor is up next. I think I see something… Is it? I think it is! Now we’re going to the “Bar On a Beach” with Jambo Joe Bones. Key West Chris belts a tune with “The Beach!!!”. Donny Brewer even shows up with “Beach Bum”, which I’m pretty sure was written about me. KD Moore and Greg ‘Fingers’ Taylor take over and sing “Beachcombin'”. “Island State of Mind” by Kelly McGuire (the guy on your right) brings us to a close . If you would like to make a request or have any suggestions for artists please contact jp Thanks for tuning in with us, hope to see y’all next week!


Gulf Coast Cowboy Hour 9-25-2013

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Gulf Coast Cowboy Hour! (7pm CST)


1 Coastal Cowboy / John Friday
2 Pontoon / Little Big Town
3 Any Way the Wind Blows / Latitude
4 Top Down Kind of Day / Steve Tolliver
5 Sandy Key / Sunny Jim
6 Just a Wannabe / Kelly McGuire
7 Fat Guy In a Hawaiian Shirt / Johnny Russler & The Beach Bum Band
8 Sheila Tequila (from Cinco de Mayo) / John Reno
9 Somethin’ ‘Bout a Boat / Jimmy Buffett
10 Sandy Toed Beach Bum Life / Erik Pietsch
11 Ocean Waves / Jimmy Parrish & The Ocean Waves Band
12 Better Than Buffett / The Island Fever Band
13 My Little Island Town / Key West Chris

Click for KBEC 1390 Classic Texas Music - Gulf Coast Cowboy Hour

Hello and welcome back everyone! This week we are just going to do what ever comes to mind in our get away time. Grab a Drink, a lawn chair, and some friends. Join us this week on Gulf Coast Cowboy. First up is  John Friday and “Coastal Cowboy”.  Then let’s go motorboatin’ withLittle Big Town and “Pontoon”. Latitude is back with “Any Way the Wind Blows”. Steve Tollivermakes an appearance with “Top Down Kind of Day”. Sunny Jim joins in with “Sandy Key “, and is followed by “Just a Wannabe” sung by Kelly McGuire. Johnny Russler & The Beach Bum Band is back to sing “Fat Guy In a Hawaiian Shirt”. Up next is “ Sheila Tequila (from Cinco de Mayo)” by John Reno .“Somethin’ ‘Bout a Boat ”  by Gulf Coast Legend Jimmy Buffett follows. “Sandy Toed Beach Bum Life ” with Erik Pietsch . Jimmy Parrish & The Ocean Waves Band even join our posse with “Ocean Waves”. The Island Fever Band also make a return appearance with “Better Than Buffett”. We end today’s rotation with Key West Chris -and “My Little Island Town ” . If you would like to make a request or have any suggestions for artists please contact jp Thanks for tuning in with us, hope to see y’all next week!

Join Jerry Diaz, Kelly McGuire, & Mike Broward Tonight

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HR logo 2012

Join us at
T-Bone Tom’s
Wednesday, Sept. 18
707 Hwy 146
Kemah, TX, 77565
Kelly McGuire
Mike Broward
Jerry Diaz
songwriters’ showcase
“in the round”
Presented by:
Pirates and Poets
JB Productions

A Quick Note From Jerry Diaz

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Let the good times roll!
Album cover - On a Beach in MexicoIt’s a less than busy weekend for the “On a Beach in Mexico” Tour of 2013. We’re laying low this weekend in between two extensive trips to Florida. And that works out well for us, because we get to catch opening weekend of the NFL at home. Whoo hoo! Next weekend, we’re heading back to Florida!
Saturday night, the band and I will be in Clear Lake Shores, TX. at one of our favorite “annual” events, called “Jammin on Jarboe”. This is one fun party! It’s a community-wide event on the little island of Clear Lake Shores (adjacent to Kemah). There is a covered pavilion right on the shores of Jarboe Bayou, and all you have to do is bring a chair to sit in, and your favorite beverages or food. The music is FREE! So it’s an inexpensive and VERY fun night, and it’s all over at 10pm. Be sure to pack a few extra Natty Lights for JB and Dammit Earl!
Eastern Caribbean Cruise 2014:
We had exactly 40 folks sign up for our cruise in the first ten days. Thank YOU! Because of that, Windstar Cruises is letting us extend our hold on a block of cabins. This is a unique and very FUN way to tour the Eastern Caribbean. Check out all the details below. Get on board with this… you will not be disappointed! Scroll down for more info…
Trop-Rock Awards: a big, heartfelt “Thank You” to everyone who nominated us for several awards in the Trop-Rock Music Association’s annual awards presentation. Thanks to you, we are a finalist for Band of the Year; Entertainer of the Year; Album of the Year; and Song of the Year. In addition, Mark is a finalist for Musician of the Year, and Jerry is a finalist for Male Vocalist of the Year. Lastly (but certainly not least) our event Pardi-Gras is a finalist for Event of the Year. Scroll down for more info…
Sunset Cruises, in Key West: Spots for our very popular Sebago Sunset Cruises in Key West in November are on sale on our website. Remember, capacity is limited to 100 folks on each cruise, and you on our e-mail list are getting the first notice. It’s still a little “hidden away” on our website (on purpose) so be sure to follow the LINK directly to it. My special guests this year include Brent Burns, Kelly McGuire, and Thom Shepherd!
Scroll down for more info…
As always, we have a few dates here and there still available for booking. Our entire 2013 schedule (as it stands right now) is posted on our website. Click here to view it. And if you are planning a private party or other special event later this year, and have Jerry Diaz & Hanna’s Reef in mind for entertainment, please contact us as soon as possible!

And remember, if you ever have an idea, a venue for us, or would like to hire us for your event, you can contact me directly, by e-mail at , or call me at 409-728-0033 The “On a Beach in Mexico” Tour is just getting started folks!

See ya at the show….
– Jerry

Featured Artist of the Week – Jerry Diaz

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Jerry Diaz is a songwriter, solo perfomer, and founder of the band “Hanna’s Reef”. The son of a merchant marine (R.L. Diaz) from the coast of Venezuela, and an artist (Irene Rivera) from Mexico, Diaz has both the nautical spirit and the gypsy flair running through his veins. Born and raised on the upper Texas coast, Jerry gives listeners a glimpse of the coastal lifestyle in just about every song he writes. From songs about Key West, Florida, to songs about New Orleans, and the Texas beach towns that he’s grown up in, Diaz takes you on a musical journey of boats, beaches, and bars.
As a songwriter, Diaz has accumulated quite a catalog of songs that have been enjoyed throughout the Gulf Coast, for the last several years. Jerry founded the band “Key West” in 1993, and performed with that band until April of 2002. During that time, Key West recorded three albums, which featured many Diaz originals. It is with Key West that Jerry developed his trademark high-energy “tropical” songwriting style that folks have come to know and love.
After leaving the band Key West, Diaz formed his current band, “Hanna’s Reef”, in July, 2002. Hanna’s Reef features the songwriting of Diaz, including both familiar favorites from the earlier years, plus new compositions. Hanna’s Reef recorded a live album in the summer of 2002 called “Reef Madness”. The band released their first studio CD, “Deja View”, in 2004.
In addition to songwriting, and playing lead guitar with Hanna’s Reef, Jerry also performs regularly as a solo entertainer, and with other songwriters and musicians. In his solo performances, Diaz mixes a combination of original tunes, Jimmy Buffett favorites, and other “tropical” tunes. Jerry covers songs by well known artists, as well as songs by fellow Texans, and coastal songwriters. When Diaz performs solo, he does so with an acoustic guitar only (no backing tracks!)
Diaz has performed in several “songwriter’s showcases”, with fellow songwriters, and good friends. Some of the folks Jerry has performed with include Kelly McGuire, James “Sunny Jim” White, Larry Joe Taylor, Brent Burns, John Reno, David Waugh, Kelly Brown, Jim Hoehn, Sonny Russell, Gordon Price, Jerry Gontag, Jim Morris, Matt Hall, Hugo Duarte, Wes Loper, Eric Stone, Gene Mitchell, Robert Frith, Gary Seiler, Mark Mulligan, Don Burke, and Rick Steffen.
Jimmy Buffett Tribute Show

Having a party,and want to make it a “Margaritaville” themed event? Then Jerry has the perfect solution for you! At your request, Jerry can do a 2-3 hour show consisting of all “Buffett” favorites.

If you are anywhere in the United States, you’re within our travel area. Contact Jerry for rates and availability We’d love to be a part of your event!

Current Schedule

To Book Jerry Diaz:

Wanna have Jerry perform at your venue, poolside party, or three hour cruise? You can contact Jerry directly, to check for availablity, rates, details, etc. You can do so at:

CELL 409-728-0033

(MARY D.) 409-893-8488



Jerry and Mary Diaz (his wife) are also owners and operators of Sail Away Promotions and Entertainment. Sail Away presents several promotions throughout the year, including the annual event PARDI GRAS In addition, Sail Away presents several selected shows by other artists, in the Houston, Texas area.
Jerry & Mary Diaz reside in Nederland, Texas, near the upper Texas coast. They have two daughters, Danielle, and Casey. In addition to the music business, Jerry & Mary are also the local distributors of Pepperidge Farm products in most of Southeast Texas.

All Information is from

Meeting of the Minds October 31, 2012 Entertainment

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Wednesday Meeting of the Minds October 31, 2012 Entertainment

You veterans know many of them and for you who haven’t seen these artists before you won’t forget a moment of this fun!

The online link to the schedule is:

Note you will only see one day of schedule at a time each night beginning today!

Be sure to register and book your room at the Casa Marina now! The room availability is shrinking fast and we want to see YOU there.

When calling the Casa 888-303-5717 or 305-296-3535 to book your room we’d like to remind you to be sure and use the discount code “ZZPAR4” to get the Parrot Head Rate!

Booking online you will not need the booking code.\1028/index.jhtml?WT .

To register for MOTM please go to:

First, WEDNESDAY. it’s bag-stuffing day!

Latitude will be performing to bring the energy to the crowd of volunteers starting at 08:30 AM.

Since 1996, Tom and Michelle Becker have been keeping the music flowing and the good times going with a fresh mix of beach, dance, and party favorites that’ll make even a “toe-tapper” jump into the conga line!
Sun-Kissed Melodies, Tropical Vibes and plenty of “Island Attitude” have made Latitude one of the most popular Artists in Trop Rock Music….but that’s not all
Tom and Michelle’s music brings sunshine, palm trees, sandy beaches and coastal breezes to fans worldwide — they’ve performed in 26 states, Europe and the Caribbean, and have the distinction of being the first Beach Music band to perform in Switzerland!
Latitude has performed at the National Jimmy Buffett Convention, “Meeting of the Minds” in Key West — FOUR TIMES!

Next up is Rob Mehl.
He is self-described as pretty mellow performing folk-style beach ballads and stories with little bit of jazz. He’s been blessed with a gift that lets him travel to beautiful places all over the world. Tropical waters and musicians like Gabby Pahinui, Kui Lee, Jerry Santos, Astrud Gilberto, Harry Nilsson, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Walter Wanderly, Marty Robbins, Paul Simon, Michael Franks and James Taylor have influenced his music.
Don’t miss his nylon-string guitar and ukulele as well as his storytelling in between songs! He’ll be right on the beach stage behind the Casa Marina!
Wes Loper!
Next on the Casa Marina stage…Growing up and residing on the South Alabama Coast, Wes Loper progresses into stardom and entertains professionally across the region. He has performed along the gulf coast for the past eight years and continues to mix Rock, Country, Blues, and Folk music to create his own style with a funky, beachside feel.
He finds a common ground with the audience and infuses his own flavor until everyone is singing along with the music. His shows are exciting, his voice is outstanding, and his fans are never disappointed.
Sunny Jim!
James “Sunny Jim” White was born in San Antonio, Texas. His earliest memories of live music are steeped in the sounds of the Texas swing bands to which his parents danced. The Texas twang of his guitar is part of his sound even today. James spent part of his adolescence on the Texas Gulf Coast in Corpus Christi, which sparked in him a love for the beach, surf music and the mystery of the eternal sea. He landed a gig at the world-class Hyatt Regency Grand Cayman and Britannia Resort where he was artist-in-residence for more than a decade. Life in the Caribbean was good!
He is a regular on Jimmy Buffett’s Radio Margaritaville, broadcasted on Sirius Satellite radio. A piece of trivia I really like is Sunny Jim was also a performer in the Tom Cruise movie “The Firm.” Cool huh?
For the past ten years, Sunny Jim has been an invited performer for “Meeting of the Minds,” the annual national Parrot Head Convention held in Key West, FL. He has also hosted fellow tropical troubadours at his yearly Sunday Songwriter’s Showcase at Blue Heaven, which has become a “must-attend” event for many wrapping up a wild weekend in Key West. Sunny Jim is also host of the annual Six String Music Festival in New Orleans.
Kelly McGuire
Kelly has made a living at music for 15 years before starting to write songs. Now 5 CDs later with songwriting awards, an Album of the Year award from the Texas Music Awards as well as nominations for Entertainer of the Year & Producer of the Year- he is living a dream!
He currently resides in the Clear Lake/NASA area of Houston near Galveston Bay and many of his songs reflect the Gulf, Boats, Islands, Sailing, Beaches, Buffett , Belize and his years as a yacht broker. There are also fan favorites about Life , Love, Guitars, Daughters & Mom & Dad!
He’s another regular on Radio Margaritaville, he is not to be missed!
Tall Paul and Kristie Bopal
This is a duo that will rock your socks off.
Drawing from church choir to marching Band, college bars to concert stage, Kristie’s vocals really get your attention.
From her love of Country music as well as an extensive Rock background, she has just last year recorded a cd with the help of several friends, many of whom are top session players in her home of Nashville, TN, “Blissful Magic Moment” is destined to find a frequent place on your playlist!.

Tall Paul (Paul Bobal) was born in Cleveland, Ohio and raised in Virginia Beach, VA, where he played keyboards in “garage bands” from the age of 11. After seeing Doc & Merle Watson perform for freshman orientation at Appalachian State University, he taught himself to play acoustic guitar and started playing the coffeehouse circuit in North Carolina. He then joined Stoney Creek, a band that opened for Hall & Oates, The Doobie Brothers, and Jimmy Buffett, before striking out on his own after graduation. Since his move to Nashville, Paul has played most of the clubs in the state as well as developing a southeastern college circuit where he currently performs to enthusiastic crowds, playing almost 200 dates a year! He has numerous cds to his credit and I know you will love this duo on the stage just a few feet from the beautiful clear water behind the Casa Marina Hotel.
Tropical Soul
To end a perfectly great day in Key West Tropical Soul will take the stage. Dennis McCaughey, (lead vocals, rhythm guitar and harmonica) is not a stranger to the Central PA music scene. He formed Tropical Soul twelve years ago, and prior to that, has been a member of the duos, Double Play and Jigsaw and his resume also includes a solo career that lasted several years. He has released four CDs, Days like These, in 1996, Tropical Soul, in November, 2000, No Plans At All, in November, 2004, and a live recording, We’re All Here, Come Hell or High Water, in November 2008.

Tropical Soul performs 150 plus shows per year, and Dennis performs another 40 or 50 as a solo artist. These appearances include openings for national artists such as Jimmy Buffett, Scott Kirby, Peter Mayer, Mac McAnally, Club Trini, and Bill “The Sauce Boss” Wharton, St. Somewhere, and have performed with John Frinzi, Doyle Grisham, James “Sunny Jim” White, Tall Paul and Crawdaddy, the Calypso Nuts and Jimmy and the Parrots, among many other Trop Rock artists. Musical collaborations include R. Scott Bryan, who spent five years with the Sheryl Crow Band and who played percussion and produced the Tropical Soul, No Plans At All and We’re All Here CDs, and Tina Gullickson, of Jimmy Buffett’s Coral Reefer Band. In addition, both Peter Mayer and Doyle Grisham of the Coral Reefer band played on the No Plans At All CD.
Plan to hang with us at the stage on the beach at the Casa Marina on Wednesday! We’ll see you in the crowd!

And don’t forget, the Thursday MOTM 2012 schedule will be posted tomorrow! Same channels, same time! Thank you Ms. Charley Gingrow for your talents on the web page. You rock!
Andrew Talbert
Director of Conventions
2012 Meeting of the Minds
“Another Trip Around the Sun”

Sail On, Gordon Price 02/27/49 – 01/30/12

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The answer to this age old question is that I started out as an amateur musician at age 9 or 10 playing the drums and piano in grammar school ! As a teenager growing up in Atlanta Ga., I moved to St.Petersburg Fl. at the ripe young age of 15 and took up the 6 string guitar in that time frame. I played the drums in the high school band and the guitar after school until my mother would scream! I only had a Sears acoustic Silvertone guitar and got my first electric guitar just before going to college at the University of Florida in Gainesville, where I played for part of one year in the “GATOR MARCHING BAND”, until I discovered the finer aspects of college life, women and beer and frat parties!

My first really good guitar was purchased around 1971 and it was an Italian EKO, which is not made anymore. I struggled with it for 10 years until I bought and Ovation wide body “Balladeer” 12 string in 1981. Musically, I started picking up speed about that time. I don’t really remember exactly when I performed in public the first time, but it was probably around a camp fire at Lake Tiger near Lake Wales Florida with 10-20 drunk redneck mothers sprawled out under the live oak trees after a long day fishing for bass and specks. Those were the days and that is how music should be played in my opinion, with friends!

As the eighties progressed, I touched bases with some great neighbors on Tierra Verde, and one old fraternity brother from college, Bob Carter, and we tried to get together and play once a year for the “BEACH BUM’s ANNUAL LABOR DAY PARTY”, at my house. The saying, “the more you drink, the better we sound”, was truly coined by these events. As it goes, Bob Carter and Pat Best and Rob Hough and Wayne Goodwin, could never get our timing together, and the “AVERAGE BEACH BAND” died a miserable death in HELL.

Well these were the good old days, and I remember them with fond memories. I started playing solo beach parties somewhere around 1990 from St.Pete to Key West, depending on where the winds blew us, and started getting a little more serious and intent on becoming a better musician of sorts. I worried if I would always be an amateur, or was I good enough for the big leagues? The thought that has carried me forward is “some day I will”.(Thanks Jimmy Buffett!)

In the mid nineties, you would find me playing with Jack Rigsby and Lonesome Dave Dubouis at the Wharf on Pass-A-Grille Beach, on certain Friday and Saturday nights, when I was not out diving on the “CABO WABO”, my boat. These were impromptu events but the crowds sometimes approached Mike Anderson’s structural dock limits on rare occasions.

I remember doing a wedding on my boat, “CABO WABO”, in Key West in the pouring rain, for my good friends Cindy and John Pike, on New Year’s eve, 1995?? How could a marriage survive such a strange start?? God bless you both! “Love Will Keep Us Alive”, was the only thing I could come up with that seemed appropriate.

My sister Carol and her husband Jon started getting back into music in the nineties also and started a band called the “DOUBLE COUPLE BAND”, with Mike and his wife. They still play in St.Pete with my dad. Jim Ponder, who is also an accomplished musician from the fourties.

Other beach type venues I performed ranged from Frenchmen’s Reef and Lattitude 18 in St. Thomas USVI, Negrill Jamaica, Grand Caymen, Loretto Mexico (Baja), and most recently, San Diego CA. In 1999, I founded a website for independent musicians named “BARMUSIC.COM”. This is my current passion in life, beyond scuba diving and flying and electronic engineering.

For the last 12 years I have been producing radio shows for BARMUSIC.COM and Jimmy Buffett’s Radio Margaritaville on lucky occassion. Steve Huntington, the station manager/director, has been kind enough to air the shows on Radio Margaritaville from time to time. I have done shows with greats such as: GARY SEILER, JERRY GONTANG, TAYLOR HARVEY, JOE RATHBURN, DAVE ZOBL, HUGO DUARTE, MEXICO MARK MULLIGAN, STEVE WHITE, RICK STEFFEN, KELLY McGUIRE, T.SCOTT WALKER, BOB KARWIN, PATRICK FOY, CAPTAIN JOSH, and STEVEN YOUNGBLOOD. I have also done live shows in Key West from 2002-2004 at the Key West Hyatt during MOTM with countless impressive musicians, too numerous to mention.

In the summer of 2006, I was lucky enough to join up with Jason Webb of the CARIBBEAN CHILLERS, and played with them at many major shows from Homestead Florida on the 4th of July to Tampa and Minneola in the fall of 2006! The CHILLERS experience has had a profound impact on my musical career and I still play with them from time to time, especially the annual Palm Harbor Parrot Party every June

I bought a house back in Florida in 2005 and transitioned living from San Diego to Port Richey over the next 3 years. I now live in Port Richey Florida full time. I currently play around Florida as both a solo and band performer. I have a local band known as the STORM CHASERS. I also manage BARMUSIC.COM and produce internet radio shows for the station. I have made a big transition over the last 6 years from an amateur to a professional musician. I have had a very active professional career for the last several years.



2012 BAD BOYS OF TROP ROCK – The Pyrates Behaving Badly on BeachFront Radio

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Special Thanks to the Pyrates Behaving Badly at BeachFront Radio

Smokin’ Tuna Saloon MOTM Web Cam Schedule

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Sunny Jim & Friends – 1:00-5:00

Scott Kirby Band – 5:30-7:30

Peter Mayer & Friends – 9:00-12:00


John Frinzi – 1:00-5:00

Scott Kirby Band – 5:30-7:30

Peter Mayer & Friends – 9:00-12:00


Thom Shepherd – 1:00-5:00

Jim Morris & Big Bamboo Band – 9:00-11:30

Scott Kirby Band – 12:00-1:00


John Frinzi – 1:00-5:00

Thom Shpherd – 5:00-9:00

Scott Kirby Band – 9:00-1:00


John Frinzi – 1:00-5:00

Thom Shpherd – 5:00-9:00

Scott Kirby Band – 9:00-1:00


Howard Livingston (acoustic) 11:00-1:00

John Frinzi – 1:00-5:00

Mike Aiken, Scott Kirby, Kelly McGuire – 6:00-10:00

Scott Kirby Band – 10:00-1:00

Smokin’ Tuna Saloon Tuna Cam

Trop On!