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Leap of Faith / Quit Your Job and Live On a Boat – Book Review

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“Leap Of Faith / Quit Your Job And Live On A Boat”

This is the first book that I have been unable to put down in a long time. This is a true story of one couple’s Leap of Faith. In this crazy world that we live in, and the economy the way it is, this story captivated me quickly. Ed and Kim prove that happiness and freedom can be found if you simply have faith. They escaped the troubles and problems of this world, and live in perfect peace. This may not be your idea of peace, but Ed explains how you can achieve your dream of freedom. The life of a Live-a-board may not be for you, but the life of freedom and inner-peace should be for everyone.

Come along with Ed and Kim as they explore the natural beauty of the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean. Ed lays out how you can achieve this type of freedom in less than 130 pages of great writing. He explains how you can set yourself up with a five year plan. A five year plan to help you get to the point in life to make that Leap of Faith, if you so desire. You may not have the courage to take the Leap but you most definitely will be prepared, if you are so inclined.

My wife and I have begun our climb out of debt, and are preparing our five year plan. This will be a huge Leap of Faith for us as well. We are taking what we have learned from Ed and Kim and applying it to our lives.  (Follow Ed and Kim as they continue their journey)

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