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Gulf Coast Cowboy: February 26

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Gulf Coast Cowboy: February 26

Written by Elijah Nelms

Click for KBEC 1390 Classic Texas Music - Gulf Coast Cowboy Hour
For those of you who are in the know, Mardi Gras is coming up next week and we’re looking forward to it! Great food, costumes, dancing, and living the life. Us here at KBEC are all about living the life. Especially, the Gulf Coast Cowboy life. We’re paying homage to Mardi Gras this week by way of the Gulf of Mexico. To all of those across the way in New Orleans (or not) who are celebrating, we salute you.

Track Listing

1. 3 Day Drunk Looking For A Place To Happen – Jim Morris

2. Walking Around The Border of the Quarter – Todd Sparks

3. Champagne In A Paper Cup – Brent Burns

4. Jambalaya (On the Bayou) – Waylon Jennings

5. Somewhere South of Somewhere – Eric Stone

6. I Will Play For Gumbo – Jimmy Buffett

7. Spicy Little Jambalaya – The Bad Monkeys

8. Walking In the Rain in New Orleans – Dani Hoy

9. I Lobster But I Never Flounder – John Reno & the Half-Fast Creekers

10. Blame It On New Orleans – Mac McAnally

11. Tropiholics – Jim Asbell

12. The Stars Above – Jimi Pappas

13. Mimosa Morning – Steve Tolliver

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Big Week Ahead for Beachfront Radio

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Hey BeachBums…It’s a BIG WEEK this week on The BeachFront! We’ve got three big days we’ll be celebrating- Mardi Gras, Valentine’s Day, and BeachFront Radio’s Third Anniversary.  We’ll have tons of giveaways from Brent Burns, Don Middlebrook, and Giddy-up Dave all week plus special music to keep you Trop Rockin’.  It’s gonna be a fun party week so be sure to pace yourselves.

Mardi Gras Tuesday!
It’s Fat Tuesday this week and we’ll be celebrating with special Mardi Gras music all day plus special live shows with DJ Jeff Allen on The Amish Beach Party at 2 PM EST/11 AM PST as well as Capt’n Cali and Cheeto Gyrl on Pyrates Behaving Badly at 9 PM EST/6 PM PST.  We’ll have CD giveaways plus we’ll be tossing plenty of virtual beads your way on our FaceBook page.  Be sure to plan on spending the entire day with us!

Valentine’s Day Thursday!
Valentine’s Day is about love and here on The BeachFront, we recognize all kinds of love- love for your significant other, love for your family and friends, love of your favorite island escape, and love for Trop Rock.  Send us your Love Dedications and song requests Keep your dedications to less than 25 words.  All dedications need to be received by Midnight PST Tuesday February 12th.  You can dedicate your request to your favorite love whether it’s that special someone or that special something.  We’ll play the best ones during the day and the best of the best will get played on DJ Jeff’s Amish Beach Party Live at 2 PM EST/11 AM PST.

We all love Trop Rock.  Keep up with the latest happening in Trop Rock with some of our favorite FaceBook pages.  The folks behind these pages are passionate about their Trop Rock and it shows:

Be sure to stop by these pages and “Like” them to keep up with
what’s going on in the Trop Rock World and stop by our
Trop Rock News on our website for more websites and FaceBook pages
from our favorite Trop Rock Lovers.

BeachFront Radio Third Anniversary Friday!

On February 17th, 2010 BeachFront Radio launched it’s very first broadcast with Sting’s “Brand New Day”.  We’ll be having a BIG Anniversary Party this Friday with DJ Jeff Allen on The Amish Beach Party at 2 PM EST/11 AM PST.  We’ll be giving away some great Trop Rock Music from such artists as Brent Burns ,  Don Middlebrook and more great Trop Rock artists.  Be sure to tune into The Amish Beach Party for YOUR chance to win!  Thanks to all of you, our BeachBums, for making BeachFront Radio your favorite Trop Rock Radio Station and thanks to all of our sponsors for allowing us to keep bringing you the best in Trop Rock.

Beachfront Radio Official Events
The only thing better than listening to all of these great Trop Rock artists on Beachfront Radio is to go out and see them live! We’ve added even more great Official BeachFront Radio Events to our calendar, be sure to check them out!

NEW! Music On the Bay
Tampa Bay, FL March 1st-3rd
John Frinzi, Jim Hoehn, Bry Harris & The Parrot Island Band, Trop Rock Junkies, The Frozen Gringos. Jack Mosley Band, Jimmy & The Parrots, Tropical Soul, The Sauce Boss, Jim Asbell & The Tropiholics, The Boat Drunks w/Mike Miller, Howard Livingston & Mile Marker 24, Captain Josh & Banjody, Dani Hoy, Jimi Pappas, Mr. Myers Band, and Jim Morris & The Big Bamboo Band plus DJ Jeff and Capt’n Cali will be there!

NEW! An Aye For An Eye…a Matey’s Ball
Seaside Heights, NJ April 13
Benefitting the Choroideremia Research Foundation
Featuring Jimmy And The Parrots
and DJ Jeff Allen from BeachFront Radio

Phins To the West
Laughlin, NV May 16th-19th, 2013
10th Anniversary Celebration! You don’t want to miss this one!
Scott Kirby, Jim Morris & the Big Bamboo Band, Southern Drawl Band, Stars On the Water, Tropical Soul, The CalypsoNuts, Tall Paul & Kristie Bobal, Jambo Joe Bones & Amy M, Jimi Pappas & John Patti, Bob Karwin, Rob Mehl, Jim Hoehn, Crawdaddy, Sam Rainwater,and much more!

Laid Back Attack
Seattle, WA July 11-14th, 2013
Jerry Diaz & Hanna’s Reef, Stars On the Water, “Sunny Jim” White, John Frinzi, Brent Burns, Mike Broward, Bob Karwin, Rob Mehl, Dave Calhoun, Ian Dobson, Dan Hower, and Dave Roberts. The weather is here!

“Sleeping Dogs Lie” Available NOW in The Tropic Mall
We’ve got a brand new Keys themed mystery novel now available in the BFR Tropic Mall.  “Sleeping Dogs Lie” by Rodney Reisel is a novel based in one of our favorite parts of paradise.  Dan Coast, an unlicensed Private detective of sorts is hired to find the missing boyfriend of a woman who herself soon ends up missing. When someone from the woman’s past unexpectedly shows up at Dan’s home, with a story of faked deaths and missing life insurance money; Dan along with his side kick Red set out to find the money, and the woman.  check it out now in the BFR Tropic Mall and get YOUR copy at!

The Tropic Mall gathers some of the best tropical products available all in one place.  You’ve got a great selection of tropical art, clothing, furniture, books, CDs, jewelry and much more.  Also, be sure to stop by theBeachFront Radio Music Hut Download Store for albums and singles by over 100 of your favorite Trop Rock bands and musicians.  If you’ve got some fantastic tropically and beach themed products and want to reach a market that is geared specifically to you, contact us today for more information on how to advertise your products at extremely reasonable rates.

BeachFront Shows
We’re proud to bring you the best and latest in Trop Rock 24 hours a day each and every day.  We’re also proud of the amazing line up of shows we’ve assembled for you.

The Amish Beach Party Weekdays 2 PM EST/11 AM PST
The four time TRMA Award Winning Radio Show Of the Year hosted by DJ Jeff Allen now in it’s twelth year.  Every weekday, DJ Jeff brings you the latest Trop Rock, shares interviews, and plays your requests live.  Our highest rated show and a BeachFront Radio exclusive! A HUGE thanks to the ABP sponsor, Built To Last Outdoor Furniture!

Beyond Jimmy’s Keys LPs Mondays 9 PM EST/6 PM PST
Hosted by former Radio Margaritaville disc jockey, DJ John Cody has expanded his series “Jimmy’s Keys LPs” and gone beyond to bring you the best in Buffett, Jerry Jeff, and others. Another BeachFront Radio exclusive!

Pyrates Behaving Badly Tuesdays 9 PM EST/6 PM PST
Hosted by Capt’n Cali & Cheeto Gyrl, this TRMA award nominated show comes to you live from our Channel Islands Beach, CA Studios and offers you a ‘slight’ twist on what’s going on the Trop Rock World as well as throwing a party on our FaceBook page during the show.  Our highest rated evening show and another BeachFront Radio exclusive!

Island Time Radio Wednesdays 9 PM EST/6 PM PST
This TRMA award nominated show just celebrated its thirteenth anniversary and we are proud to bring you replays each and every Wednesday night from one of the pioneers of Trop Rock Radio DK the DJ and his co-host Amo Bennett.

Trop Rockin’ Live Thursdays 9 PM EST/6 PM PST
Our newest show hosted by DJ Fred McFarlin.  Each week, DJ Fred brings you live tracks from your favorite Trop Rockers, many of these tracks unavailable anywhere except to hear them during the show.  Trop Rockin’ Live is another exclusive Beachfront Radio Show.

Friday Night Live Fridays 9 PM EST/6 PM PST
Every Friday night, the BeachFront Krewe digs out and dusts off a great live Trop Rock concert from its archives.  Tune in to get your weekend kicked off right.

Saturday Night Dance Party Saturdays 9 PM EST/6 PM PST
Once a month, DJ Jeff Allen steps back into his role of 30 years as a club DJ and takes a detour off the Trop Rock road bringing you a live mix of disco, funk, rock, and country so get your boogie shoes ready and keep an eye on the FaceBook page for specific dates exclusively on BeachFront Radio.

 Poodle’s Island Wear,
We would like to welcome Poodle and Poodle’s Island Wear as a sponsor of BeachFront Radio.  Poodle has long been part of the BFR Family as part of the Tropic Mall and is now expanding her  partnership by becoming the Official Sponsor of Pyrates Behaving Badly.  Poodle’s Island Wear has what you want and need to keep you in that island frame of mind. Lines include Margaritaville, Kahala, Fresh Produce Sportswear and other quality manufacturers. Tee’s, Gifts. Jewelry and more for the tropically minded.. Be sure to visit Poodle when you’re in the Wilmington, NC area at 18 South Water Street. Tune into Pyrates Behaving Badly on Tuesday night as we welcome her to the “krewe” and go visit and “LIKE” her Facebook page!

Without Poodle and the rest of our sponsors, we wouldn’t have been able to keep the lights on the past three years.  They all make BeachFront radio possible and we can’t thank them enough! Please show your thanks as well and be sure to visit and support all of our Official BFR Sponsors:



New Orleans Is Now and Always Has Been a Pirate Town – Make it the NEWEST “Living Like A Pirate City”

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New Orleans Is Now and Always Has Been a Pirate Town

Click Here to be Directed to Living Like A Pirate Facebook Page and Click “LIKE”  to vote for New Orleans to be the NEXT “Living Like A Pirate City”.

 New Orleans has been a Pirate Town for over three nearly 300 years. It is due time it got the official T- shirt to commemorate it. We have been Living Like a Pirate in New Orleans at every opportunity for years.

In the early morning mist and fog, after the revelers and derelicts have abandoned the streets in their rum-soaked state, a walk along the timeworn brick streets and the old cobblestone passageways will awaken in you the sounds and happenings of almost three centuries earlier when this town was the home of scallywags, drunks, merchants, winches and ah yes, pirates.

In the quite of the pre-dawn morning if you walk softly through the narrow streets, the spirits of the past walk with you. In 1772 Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop was just that, the blacksmith shop of the gentleman pirate and patriot Jean Lafitte. Today that small shop is the oldest bar in the United States and it has been the haunt of many a pirate, buccaneer and privateer searching for the adventurous life. In the early hours of the morning, its doors are locked and its windows shuttered but, inside if you listen quietly and look intently you can hear the voices and see the oil lamps with their golden glow hanging over the jugs of rum and pints of ale being hoisted to days long ago and the days to come. Thousands of gallons of rum and ale were consumed and often spilled in these streets through the centuries and in those spirits conjure up the spirits of New Orleans, its residents and visitors.

Keep walking past this landmark to revelry and, if you wander back to St. Ann Street and turn left and then left again on Rue Royale, about a third of the way down that block, to your left is a cobblestone passageway with the appropriate name, Pirate Alley. Follow that lane and you find yourself at the rear of St. Louis Cathedral, the 200 year-old church that is the center of the New Orleans way of life. Pirate Alley and the small park, Jackson Square, that it leads to have been witness to the pirate way of life for at least a fifteen generations and roughly 300 carnivals. In this church, the city has seen weddings, funerals, and a way of life that is like none other in North America.

I suggest that anyone visiting this city take the time in the early morning hours to sit and wait, in silence for the ghosts that haunt this city. The dance of the voodoo princess and the bellowing voices of pirates still ring loudly through these streets as they search, long after death for the treasure they left in the shops and bars and eateries along these historic streets. Drink the rum at Lafitte’s, or in the Old Absinthe House, live the adventure that is New Orleans and hunt the treasure of pirates of yesterday and today then understand that in this city, “the city that care forgot”, the hunt is the real treasure.


LuLu’s Anniversary, Fat Tuesday & Mardi Gras Boat Parade

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LuLu’s Anniversary, Fat Tuesday & Mardi Gras Boat Parade: February 21st, 2012!

Join us as we celebrate LuLu’s 8th Anniversary on ICW! Mardi Gras is our favorite time around here and to show it we are throwin’ a PARTY!! Follow our float back from the Gulf Shores Mardi Gras Parade to LuLu’s for some GOOD FOOD, GOOD TIMES, & GREAT MUSIC! Glen David Andrews will be preforming from 12-3pm, just in time for the Mardi Gras Boat Parade to roll in from the Wharf! Sugarcane Jane will crank up the tunes from 5-9pm for the POST-BOAT PARADE PARTY! Fun times for the whole family!

To register a boat in the parade, please contact Homeport Marina for registration forms: 251-968-4528 or