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How Bob Marley’s Son Learned From Failure And Started A Multi-Million Dollar Coffee Company

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Marley Coffee is still a relatively small company, having churned out $6 million in revenue in 2013. But founder Rohan Marley, one of Bob Marley’s children, has big plans for his Jamaican-born coffee business.

In 1999, Rohan Marley was 27. He had played linebacker for the University of Miamibefore moving on to the Canadian Football League. Now he found himself in New York City, wanting to do more with his life–to make a name for himself as a Marley.

In a serendipitous twist, a friend contacted Marley about an opportunity to purchase a property in Jamaica. Though he’d only lived in Jamaica as a child before moving to the U.S. at age 12, Marley had recently received $200,000 in royalties from his father’s music. So he made a trip to Jamaica to look at the property and couldn’t believe what he found.

“The first thing I saw was all the fruits–apple, starfruit, pineapple–tons of fruit growing wildly, and I was seeing all the food going to waste,” he recalls in his thick Jamaican accent. “While I’m walking, I’m thinking, ‘Wow, this land is really fertile.’ When I approached the river, I couldn’t believe my eyes that this property was in Jamaica. Here’s this beautiful piece of property for sale–I thought it was a conspiracy.”

On impulse, Marley forked over his $200,000 and bought the 52-acre property. As he was walking off the land, he noticed an entire community of people standing there, trying to figure out what he was up to. “The only thing I could think to say was, ‘What’s the community known for?’ They said coffee, and by the time they knew my name, I was saying, ‘Well alright, the community is known for coffee, so let’s get down to specifics,'” he says. “My next question: ‘Do you know anything about coffee? They said, ‘Yes, Mr. Marley, we’ve been farming all our lives.'”

It didn’t take long for him to decide that he wanted to start a coffee business–one that was emphatically organic. “I’m a Rasta man, and I can’t have a piece of land that isn’t something I want to eat from,” he explains.

It was a long haul from Marley’s initial coffee-growing idea to creating a functional business. Marley spent eight years applying for an export license, organic certification, and a coffee-growers license. The learning curve was steep.

“I gave my coffee to a roaster in Jamaica–I gave him 1,000 pounds–and he never returned the bag. He said it was all bad coffee,” Marley remembers. “I decided this wasn’t working for me. I told the farmers, ‘Take all the raw materials, sell it, do what you need to do to keep the farm going.'”

Between 2004 and 2006, Marley helped his sister start a clothing company, which eventually ran out of money and shut down. Marley once again needed to reevaluate his life. He packed two duffel bags and headed to Ethiopia.

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Marley Coffee – Stir It Up

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Bob Marley always said he would return to farming one day. With Marley Coffee, Bob’s son Rohan fulfills the dream. Rohan remembers his grandmother drying their wild coffee berries in the sun, then hulling and roasting them for her own cup of coffee each morning. Marley Coffee is determined to deliver that same intoxicating aroma and rich smooth flavor into every cup.

Marley Coffee is an international gourmet coffee company founded by Rohan Marley, sourcing beans from around the world, including Ethiopia, Central America and Jamaica.

The beans from Jamaica are from a 52-acre private estate sits atop the Blue Mountains in Chepstowe, Portland, Jamaica, long revered as the region with the world’s most desirable coffee beans. From the Marley’s Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee farm, to partner farms in Africa, Central America and other top coffee-growing regions worldwide, Marley Coffee strives to support communities and the environment through organic, sustainable and ethical practices.

Marley Coffee One Love 2lbMarley Coffee Lively Up Espresso 2lbMarley Coffee Get up Stand Up 2lbTalkin' Blues, Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee

“In this great future, you can’t forget your past”
– Bob Marley

Quick Note from WFR – On Island Time in Paradise

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It is about 10:30 on Grenada and it is raining off and on. We have seen some lightening off in the distance. It is still pretty windy here and the humidity level is pretty high even for the islands. When I awoke this morning the Marley Coffee had already been made. I took a quick swim to wash away the cobwebs left by the rum toast(s) to our safe travels. We had fruit for breakfast and decided to celebrate 4/20 by listening to Bob Marley all day. I don’t know if I will be able to view the movie “Marley” that is being released today, but I will give it a try. If the weather doesn’t get any better. We are going to go ashore today to do a little shopping and try to find some old acquaintances if they are still here. For now…I hope your place in paradise is as beautiful as mine.

William Fair Roberts… On Island Time In Paradise