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Featured Artist Interview – Mike Broward

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Featured Artist Interview – Mike Broward

(TRB)  Where are you based these days?

(MB)  I live in Franklin, Tennessee, just south of Nashville. I’m originally from San Diego.


(TRB)  Do you have a Regular Gig where your fans can always find you?

(MB)  Not so much this year! I work at The Bahama Breeze in Memphis about two days a month, but I mostly do tours. Last year I played shows in about 70 cities in the U.S. and Mexico.


(TRB)  Do you have any current projects in the works?

(MB)  I will be releasing my latest CD, Island Getaway, on October 26th , with a CD release party at  the Nav-A-Gator in Lake Suzy FL. It’s one of the top trop rock venues in the country!


(TRB)  What was your major influence for pursuing a career in Trop Rock?
(MB)  The people and music! I subbed a job in early 1999 for guitar with KOKO LOCO and have been in this world ever since.


(TRB)  And the question everyone asks, with such a variance of answers. Who are/were your musical influences now and getting started?

(MB)  I am always drawn to the guitars, drums and songs. I am in awe of Peter Mayer’s overall ability and approach, Mac’s songwriting and overall warmth, Jimmy’s ability to organize the greatest players on his projects. I was a big fan of Jimmy Cliff since the 70’s. There are tons of influences through the years.


I played my first pro gigs in 1972 and have worked ever since, so that is about 40 years, of learning tunes, staying employed by staying current, shifting with times and styles. Early on, The Butterfield Blues Band was great, all of the English invasion stuff, Rock n Roll…… around the early 70’s I got into country rock, and straight country and worked in that up to my start with Jerry Gontang in the Trop rock world. I started playing with Jerry in 1999, and still play with him whenever I get a chance to hang. The drummer in the band Stars on the Water is Gary Nieves, we first played together in the 5th grade and it is amazing that we still get to do shows together every once in a while.


(TRB)  Who, if possible, would you like to perform with?

(MB)  I love it when I get to Play with my pals, Stars on The Water. On occasion I play with a group of guys here in Nashville that have all done big time gigs and that is very special. I may look for some gigs for this group of guys as I know people will dig it.


(TRB)  What is the one place that you have on your Bucket List of Venues to play?

(MB)  Grammys! ha, the Ryman Auditorium would be too cool….


(TRB)  Tell us about your most memorable performance.

(MB)  About 11,000 people at the Chesburger Festival in Caseville, MI. It was dark as I looked at the crowd, but could see all the glow rings around everyone’s necks and wrists dancing up and down to the groove we were playing. And when the crowd screamed at the end of the songs it was so loud that it shook all of our insides!


Also one night in Portland, I had a very poorly attended gig.  Three drunks passed out at the bar, after the first set the owner paid me and said to get some rest. 10 minutes later, Hugo Duarte walked in. He had been doing a house concert in Portland, the same night! He said, “Let’s play” and we did! Hugo and I had never just sat down and played songs together on guitars, but that night became very magical, when we looked up an hour later and there was about 45 people watching in awe.


(TRB)  What is the best way for your fans to stay in touch?

(MB)  My website at