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Join Jerry Diaz, Kelly McGuire, & Mike Broward Tonight

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HR logo 2012

Join us at
T-Bone Tom’s
Wednesday, Sept. 18
707 Hwy 146
Kemah, TX, 77565
Kelly McGuire
Mike Broward
Jerry Diaz
songwriters’ showcase
“in the round”
Presented by:
Pirates and Poets
JB Productions

Meeting of the Minds November 2, 2012 Entertainment

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Friday, November 2nd, 2012. Key West, Florida. Meeting of the Minds!

Here is your schedule for the day as promised!

Here is the link to the Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday schedules which are now up on the web:

Mike Broward starts the day off on the beach stage behind the Casa. Enjoy the morning as you lounge in a chair or even in the pool and listen to his music.
Mike is a solo entertainer and a recent transplant to the Nashville, Tennessee area. He works in a nation-wide niche of music that caters to the Trop-Rock crowd. He does club dates and many fundraisers, concerts and songwriter shows.
Mike has been associated with ASCAP since 1991, as a writer and publisher. Mike also works as a freelance writer for Premier Guitar magazine doing product reviews and profiles. Mike’s music is heard around the world on different Trop-Rock desk-top radio stations, and was recently used on MTV. He will make your morning a great one as the sun comes up over the stage on the beach. Check him out!
Now it’s on to Duval Street! We will have the street blocked off for our party right in front of the original Margaritaville! The crowd will be there and you will be feeling the excitement bouncing off the buildings around you. The palm trees will be swaying in the breeze and the drinks will be flowing cold in your hand.

The first band up is Michael Armstrong and the Key West Band.

Michael Armstrong, lead singer for the Key West Band since 1996 has released his recently released his first independent project, “This Ain’t The Tropics, but It’s Gonna Do”, featuring members of the Key West Band and guest appearances by John Patti, Doyle Grisham and Mac McAnally. The music will feature Trop-Rock with a bit more country flavor and should appeal to all Parrot Heads and music fans.

Key West is the band to have for a high-energy night of Caribbean influenced music. Voted the number one party band by the Roanoke Times and Best Local Band of 1997, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 & 2006 by the Roanoker Magazine, Key West has opened for many national acts including The Tams, The Drifters, The Coasters, The Kingsmen, Jan and Dean, The Box Tops and Cravin’ Melon.”

Special guest and Coral Reefer Band member Doyle Grisham will be on the stage at the Duval Street party so be sure you acknowledge him!
You are going to love The Key West Band as they take the stage on Duval Street!
Jim Morris!
Headlining the MOTM Streetfest this year will be Jim Morris and the Big Bamboo Band!

Jim Morris is an articulate singer songwriter with a devotion to storytelling. Whether it is a thoughtful ballad about doomed love or an anthem to a night of drunken revelry, the listener can always count on well-crafted songs with carefully drawn characters, clever lyrics, and satirical charm.
Although Jim’s musical style is admittedly reminiscent of Jimmy Buffett and Jerry Jeff Walker, he has a knack for defying categorization. He mixes a whimsical island sound with a splash of Texas to produce a sound that is uniquely Gulf and Western.
Jim grew up in Georgia and has a heritage rich in music. His grandfather led a dance band, and everyone in the family either played an instrument or sang. At age 10 Jim taught himself to play the guitar by listening to Hank Williams records. After college (BA in English and graduate studies in English and Human Resources Management) while pursuing a career in human resources management, he continued to write songs and dream of the day when he could do it full-time. “After I graduated, I wanted to be a drifter and a writer; instead, I settled for corporate executive and closet entertainer.”
During his 15-year corporate career, his job allowed him to live in several interesting locales, such as Montana, New Orleans, and St. Simons Island, all of which would figure prominently in his writing. Following a business trip during which he renewed his love affair with the southwest coast of Florida, Jim took the leap he had been contemplating for some time and left the corporate world for good.

So fast-forward to November, 2012. You and over 3,000 of your closest friends will see a show on Duval Street that you can only experience at Meeting of the Minds. It’s that feeling when the parrot heads completely take over the street for an afternoon throw-down! Jim and his awesome band will be there will his legion of fans and it is a sight you will remember for a long time to come!

That will wrap the show downtown. I want you to hurry back to the Casa Marina for something brand new this year. Radiomargaritaville DJ JD Spradlin will be on the beach stage at 7:00 to play two and a half hours of the best classic and contemporary beach music! We are calling this the Friday Night Beach Party!

Have you ever wished you could go to Myrtle Beach and shag with the crowd there? Maybe you are a regular in the clubs on the South Carolina coast! Are you a fan of the West Coast sounds of the Beach Boys and Dick Dale? Remember the Ventures? Surf music? Frat parties?
Well you will be able to dance to your hearts delight on this Friday night! If you have never been to a beach music party this will be your chance. The beach will be lit and the music will be loud! All we need is You!

I will make some additional announcements about this event in the coming weeks so be sure to plan to pack your dancing shoes when heading down the road this year to Key West!
After the Beach Party winds up at 9:30 there will be a special Friday Night Jam with Jerry Diaz.

Jerry is hosting an invitation-only event of Meeting of the Minds musicians that you will really enjoy! The plan is to have a jam session which will combine some of your favorite artists trading licks and you just know that spontaneous sparks will fly! In fact you never know who might show up to play! That is always the cool thing about jam sessions. Don’t be the person who hears the story of how great this event was the next morning! Be there! We will see you there! This is a great way to end a day in Key West. Right on the water behind the Casa Marina…
Remember to go register. This will be a party you can’t miss!

Also be sure to register and book your room at the Casa Marina now! The room availability is shrinking fast and we want to see YOU there.

When calling the Casa 888-303-5717 or 305-296-3535 to book your room we’d like to remind you to be sure and use the discount code “ZZPAR4” to get the Parrot Head Rate!

Booking online you will not need the booking code.\1028/index.jhtml?WT.

Before I go I need to add a couple of important things.
First I want to recognize the efforts of two PHiP Board Members. First the lady, Charlene Schultheis! She is our Director of Finance and a lady who really helps keep the wheels on the whole event.
Also I want to mention a guy most of you know. Director of Membership Bob Heffelfinger. He is the go-to-guy for all things Parrothead and PHiP.
Be sure to thank them for all the work they do behind the scenes all year to make the Parrothead Club life a great one! You ROCK!

Oh yeah! A nice thing for ALL of you to know! Tell ALL your friends and neighbors to tune into Radiomargaritaville at 6:00 PM EDT on Saturday night. Our friend Kirsten will be on the air and she will give you a little rap and a song or so about YOUR headline act for MOTM 2012 on Saturday night. So don’t miss it! Gather some friends, put the party on, and crank your Sirius XM radio UP!

I’ll see you Saturday at 6:00 PM EDT for the next MOTM schedule update! And I should say you might want to make your reservations now ahead of the rush…

Until Next time, I’ll see you, down the road.
Andrew Talbert
PHiP Director of Conventions
Meeting of the Minds 2012
“Another Trip Around the Sun”

Featured Artist – Actually A Book of Stories Told by Trop Rock Artists

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These are the stories as told by the singer/songwriters in their own words about their songs. What they were thinking about or what inspired them or what happened that caused them to write the song. Sometimes the inspiration is described as “Research”, when you’re out partying a little too much and wind up in an awkward situation. No problem, it was just “Research for a new song I’m trying to write”. This book is just a whole lotta phun!


The book was inspired by Sunny Jim and his Research song. I heard his song one time, I believe it was at the Boatyard  Bar and Grill in Annapolis, MD and after he had been telling stories about his other songs, I thought to myself, there has got to be a book in all these stories. And I was right. With Michelle Becker’s help I sent out the initial poll for stories via email to all the Margarita M.A.F.I.A. singer/songwriters. I got an immediate and positive response and from there, started looking for more singer/songwriters who had some great songs and stories. I ended up with about 59 of some the most well known singer/songwriters and even an actor and TV producer in the book. Including, Peter Mayer, Will Kimbrough, Sunny Jim, Scott Kirby, Howard Livingston, Brent Burns, Jim Morris, Tall Paul, Crawdaddy, Gary Seiler, Jerry Gontang, Richie Saccente (Young Rebel Goombas), John Reno, Del Suggs, Rob Miller (TV Producer, twentysixmiles), John Schneider (Star of twentysixmiles), this was the interview that was done by Jimmy Pirate for the Margarita M.A.F.I.A. May 2011 artist of the month featuring Rob Miller and John Schneider for the TV Series. Also in the book is Scott Nickerson, founder of PHiP, Inc. and many regional and local artists as well. We only have three female artists in the book, Michelle Becker, Cindy Walsh, and at the last minute I was able to include Lenore Troia. Of course there were a lot that didn’t make it in this book, not by choice but because I didn’t have their email or web site or perhaps they just didn’t have time to fill out the forms and write up the stories. But maybe in the next book you’ll see them.


Each of the singer/songwriters have about 4-7 songs in the book along with the stories behind the songs and the lyrics. And lots of pictures of them at their shows or with other singer/songwriters and even a few celebrities. Many of the artists sent me their stories/lyrics/pictures but for about 25 I had to do live face to face interviews or phone interviews, recorded the interview and transposed everything. Then had them check it to make sure it was what they wanted in the book. (what a long process that was!)

This book has been a lot of phun to put together and I’ve gotten to know them a lot better than I ever would have otherwise. They are just a great bunch of people.


We are planning a second book and have 45 people that I’ve either contacted or have on my list so we’re hoping to get something started around the first of the year towards the second book. I’d like to find more females for the second book and some younger artists like the 15-year-old kid, Nicky Fabb that Swim Skinny found. The future of any musical genre, sport, hobby, etc is dependent on getting young people involved.


Speaking of the second book, we are holding a contest in the first book, where whoever gets the most signatures in the book from all the featured artists will win a free full color copy of the second book and a full page picture of them holding the first book with all the signatures. They will have 2 years to get all the signatures. It’s all explained in the book.


The book will be released in Key West for the MOTM 2011 Don’t Stop The Carnival, 20th Anniversary.

I will be at various venues and will have my locations posted to our web site and Facebook so people will know where we will be. There will now only be one version of the book. A Color soft back. It is 8×10 and 463 pages. It will sell for $70 and $10 of the color book will go to charity. There will only be 2000 printed so be sure to order yours online to make sure you get one. We are also putting together a composite CD of 19 of the singer/songwriters. These will sell for $15 and $3 goes to charity. If you purchase the Color Book and CD it is only $80. You can also buy 5 books together on-line for the same shipping cost (USPS Flat rate medium box $10.95).  So if 4 of your friends get together you can save on shipping.


The other important part of the sale of the book is the singer/songwriters will be sharing in the profits. They can sell the book and CD at their events and reap the rewards as well. Books can be ordered via email or purchased via the website through PayPal. Many of the singer/songwriters will be posting the book on their website so you can go to their website and the link will take you to our website. Or they may offer the book directly from their site as well.


The main purpose of the book is to promote Trop Rock music to people who may not have ever heard of this wonderful music before and to help raise a little more money for the charities that the singer/songwriters support.


Contact: Contact Us 

Facebook: TropRock Songs

PayPal: Purchase the Book
We are pround members of the Chesapeake Parrot Head Club, the Washington Area Parrot Head Club, The Eastern Bay Parrot Head Club, and the Margarita MAFIA.

Broward Bulletin for September 2011

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Broward Bulletin for September 2011

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Broward Bulletin for September 2011
Hi Everyone!
Long time no talk to…..
I hope this email finds you all soaking up the last bit of this hot summer. I was on a hike this morning at Radnor Lake here in Nashville and I could feel the difference in the cooler air and the slant of the sunlight. Football weather is almost here, at least that’s what one of my friends told me yesterday.
I have spent much of this summer doing shows around the mid south with a few trips out on the road. I would like to thank the folks in San Antonio who came out for a delightful night at David & Glenda Kecks’ house concert and the Northwest Arkansas Parrothead club who got to see me play in the kitchen at Nibbles in Fayetteville. I would also like to thank Les,Tiki Phil & Kathy and the Pirates of the Puget Sound for a great stay in Seattle!

My September schedule is as follows:
Fridays @ McDougals’ Chicken from 6-9pm in Cool Springs
Saturday the 3rd, 17th and 24th @ The Bahama Breeze in Memphis from 7-11pm
I am working on a tour to San Diego and back for the early part of October from the 5th to about the 15th. If you or your club is interested in hosting a show or just having me play at your Happy hour, or favorite bar please get back to me right away so I can connect the dots for this tour.
It looks like I will drive, so if you are west of Nashville or east of San Diego I will probably drive through and can stop along the way!
Iwill see you at MOTM this year where I have a pretty full schedule;
TUESDAY; Nov 1, 7pm at Brent Burns Songwriter show
WEDNESDAY; Nov 2, 1-3 pm. Casa Marina by the pool
5:30 -9:30 at Cowboy Bills with K.D. Moore, Fingers Taylor, and Amy Lee
10:00 at Schooners Wharf for the midwest kick off party
THURSDAY; 5:30 -9:30 at Cowboy Bills with K.D. Moore, Fingers Taylor, and Amy Lee
FRIDAY: 5:30 -9:30 at cowboy Bills with K.D. Moore, Fingers Taylor, and Amy Lee
SATURDAY: 11-1PM MOTM Meet & Greet at the Casa Marina
5:30 -9:30 at Cowboy Bills with K.D. Moore, Fingers Taylor, and Amy Lee
Well that is probably more than enough about me for now! Please feel free to write back and let me know how you are doing. Thanks for your constant support and good vibes,
Mike Broward