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On Island Time in Paradise with WFR Puerto Rico (He’s Back)

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January 27, 2013

culebra-travelParadise is almost anywhere you want it to be.  Right now paradise is just being here.  It has been a while since I last posted…a long while.  There has been a lot of water under the bridge wince I last posted but I am happy to say all is good with me and all is good with Sweet Pea.  We loved sailing our own boat all around the islands but we found that owning a boat is a lot like owning a house and you end up being tied to it in more ways than one.  Since my last post we weathered two hurricanes and have sailed from the Cozumel to the Caymans to Trinidad and scores of islands in between them.  The past months have been a trip both literally and figuratively with highs and lows enough for a lifetime.

I am going to try to give the very abbreviated version of the past four months.  We have become pretty good sailors.  We have enjoyed the freedom a boat like ours gave us but while we saved money on many things as a result of owning her we also had some pretty big expenses because of her.  When the original owner contacted me asking if I would like to sell her, we jumped at the opportunity.  He offered me a little more than we paid and he is the proud owner once again and we are back to hitching rides, camping on the beach and renting rooms by the night and by the week to stay out of the weather.

I have told you the high season is not my favorite time in the islands so we have done our best to stay as far away from the tourists as we can.  Snow birds mean a lot to the economy of all of these islands but they make it really miserable for those of us who stay here all of the time.

For the past week we have been exploring the small Isla de Culebra which sits just 20 miles or so off the east end of Puerto Rico.  We have been able to avoids some of the crowds here and enjoy some good company, good food and cold beer. The weather has been fantastic as always and it has been a pleasure just hanging out. The other night we went to El Eden and enjoyed a really good meal of and some icy Caribbean drinks.  We also ate a meal at a place called Susie’s or something like that.  We liked it, too. Most of the time here we have shopped the markets and enjoyed the small stands the locals have told us about.

4427623-bike_trekking_Isla_de_CulebraIf all goes as planned, we will be leaving here tomorrow.  We have potentially hitched a ride south on a boat from Saint Kitts.

The sun has been down for quite a while. The temperature is in the upper 70s and there is a light breeze blowing out of the northwest.  Honestly, the wind is a little cool and I can smell rain coming…there is a clean smell in the air that only rain can bring.

William Fair Roberts…on island time in paradise.

On Island Time in Paradise – WFR – Puerto Rico

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July 15, 2012
Night has settled on this portion of the Caribbean and though there
are some clouds in the sky, the stars are shining brilliantly
overhead.  It is a dark and almost windless night and the lights of
the city of Ponce are reflecting like Christmas lights on the bay in
front of me as I recline in the front deck of my little boat sipping a
glass of wine and waiting for sunrise.  I have to say I am a little
anxious about heading out on a sailboat all alone.  Though I won’t be
on the water for long at a time, there is a little something unnerving
about it.
For now though, the quiet night and a good glass of Pinot Noir have a
great calming effect on my soul.  I am looking forward with great
anticipation to weighing my anchor and getting under sail.
There is a boat about 50 yards to the south of me with two couples on
it.  Earlier they were on deck listening to ‘70s rock and dancing
under the starlight.  I could hear the strains of the Doors, Van
Morrison, Who, Sly and the Family Stone and others as the music
reverberated off the waves in the night air.  Their party has gone
below deck but the music can still be heard if I am quiet and listen
closely.  If I had to guess, those two couples are down here on a much
needed summer vacation in a rented yacht trying to forget the troubles
of home, work and the day to day grind. By the way the cruiser they
are on is almost twice the size of this craft and probably 10 times as
luxurious.  I hope they are enjoying there time in paradise as much as
I enjoy mine. I will try to blog again as soon as I set anchor on
another distant island.
William Fair Roberts…on island time in paradise.

On Island Time in Paradise – WFR – Puerto Rico

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July 15, 2012

This morning I slept until the heat of the morning woke me.  I made a
pot of coffee and pulled a croissant out of my cupboard and slipped
into some board shorts and went on deck to sit and enjoy my breakfast
in the Puerto Rican sun.  There was a soft breeze blowing and I could
smell what I assume were the aromas of Sunday lunches being prepared
all over Ponce.  The weather was and still is glorious with only a few
stray clouds overhead.  I could see a squall or two forming and
venting their fury on the water out over the Caribbean.  The
dissipated as quickly as they formed…a typical day in the tropics.  I
am going to stock my boat with appropriate canned goods, veggies and
other groceries think I might need for the first voyage on my boat.  I
think my grocery list should include a couple of cases of beer and
four or five bottles of good Puerto Rican rum.  I plan to buy about
five gallons of bottled water  even though my boat is equipped with a
watermaker.  Because I have never used one of these devises I don’t
quite trust it. Maybe after a little time I will.
It is my plan to lia around on the boat until late afternoon and take
the inflatable into town.  When I bought the boat I decided I didn’t
want to pay the daily rent on a slip so I am moored about 300 or 400
yards out in the bay.  There are a lot of boats moored in the vicinity
so I am not worried about security while I am onshore.  Until then, I
will be chilling.
My time here in Puerto Rico has been wild.  This time of year is too
warm for most vacationers from North America to venture down but
almost every season here is tourist season here. Let’s see’ I landed
had dinner and a drink and bought a boat.  I went from traveler to
sailor in one day.  Well guess what. I am still a traveler.  I just
hope that this boat helps me in my travels and doesn’t tie me down.
If I have been thinking correctly, I will not need to hop from hotel
to hotel and that could easily save me the cost of the this boat in
just a few months.  Let’s see if this boat is a whole in the water
where I throw money or not.
I am looking forward to trying my hand as a captain.  I have sailed
off and on for most of my life and have a lot of experience in the
waters close to land in the Gulf of Mexico and again close to the
islands all over the Caribbean.  Most of my time has been sailing
smaller boats than this one even though this one is small by a lot of
people’s standards.  Again, I am looking forward to taking off and
trying my hand at skippering my own boat in open water.  A little
confession: I have checked, no studied the charts on board and have
charted a trip from here to St. Thomas staying as close to the islands
as I can until I get to know the feel of her.  I will leave at first
light in the morning and head west and sail north of Vieques to
Culebra.  I will see how long it takes me to get there and then move
on westward to St. Thomas.  The long range weather forecast is good so
other than the occasional squall I should not have any weather
problems on this leg of my trip. My boat is equipped with GPS, radar
and two radios that I don’t fully know how to operate but can use well
enough to send out a “mayday” if I need to.
I need to stop writing for a bit and enjoy this beautiful tropical
island.  I am sitting here in the cockpit of the boat, finishing up my
last cup of coffee and a glass of fresh orange juice listening to Bush
Man perform  In the Arms of a Woman on the CD player.  In the
background the sound of the small waves lapping at the side of my boat
relax me completely as I am waiting on the day to roll by.  I will go
for now and begin to make the final arrangements for my next trip
deeper into paradise.
Where is that bottle of rum, this orange juice could use a little kick.
William Fair Roberts….on island time in paradise.