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Quick Update from Loren Davidson

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I’ve taken a bit of a vacation from sending notes out, but I’m back. 🙂 I hope you’re managing to stay warm and think tropical as the winter drags on.

I’m currently busy booking dates and mini-tours for the first half of 2013. I’ll definitely let you know as things happen.

Your Request is Important!

Could you please do me a favor? It’ll take you just a minute or two. I’ve finally got a CD in to the folks at Radio Margaritaville – been trying to do that much for *years*! But I still need some demand to help get me on the air.

Please take a minute to go to the Radio Margaritaville request page and tell them you want to hear something by Loren Davidson. Heck, request “Tropical Therapy.” That’s probably the song they’re most likely to play, but if you’ve got another favorite from my new album, request that. They’ll want to get you on their mailing list, but you can always unsubscribe from that if you want.

Also, feel free at any time to email the folks at BeachFront Radio and tell them you want to hear more Loren Davidson songs.

One Night in a Roadside Bar

I had a fun time stopping off to avoid rush hour one night recently. You can read about it here.

Coming soon!

More drink and food recipes, more travel stories, more cool music! I’ve got plans for 2013, oh, I’ve got plans…

Thanks for listening,


“Every Loren Davidson album should come with the warning “Prepare to Set Sail”. While some artists “grab” your attention, Davidson captures your very imagination and takes you to distant shores as you listen to his well crafted songs.” — Island Radio .Net

“Every song on the new CD immediately transports you to…happy tropical places, with your favorite boat drink…a virtual vacation where you can “dress down” for that island vacation you never seem to get around to taking.” — Vicki Shivers, Jimmy Buffett Examiner

“Your songs are Trop Rock exemplified, and the writing and production are both superb.” — Dick Williams, Southernmost Radio

Featured Artist of the Week – The Island Castaways Band

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The Island Castaways Band

Originally formed in 2008 as Jimmy Buffett tribute, The Island Castaways Band have evolved into one of New England’s most popular Trop Rock bands. Their live show features a balanced mix of originals and classics, all with their own Tropical touch of fun – bringing Summer to you, regardless of where you are or the time of year. “LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST” – The Island Castaways Band.

The Island Castaways Band are:

Paul Kane
Lead Vocalist and Guitar

Paul Kane has many years of playing in a wide variety of bands in New England. His smooth vocals and excellent guitar playing is the perfect fit for the bands “front man” position. Paul currently resides in Webster, MA.

Joe Holewa
Bass Guitar

Joe “Mai Tai” Holewa has played extensively in the New England area in many notable bands. Not only is he a fine bass player, he is the “Go To Guy” for the Island Castaways. Joe currently resides in Charlton, MA.

Scott Ciprari

Scott “the kid” Ciprari has been playing drums since he was… a kid! Not only is a great player, but he also makes the drums he plays – Scott is the owner of SJC Drums. Scott currently resides in Dudley, MA.

Roy Holliday

When away from the keyboards, Roy is a singer/songwriter and radio personality. In addition to his annual solo Christmas releases and holiday shows, he is the founding member of Sand Dollar Rodeo. Roy currently resides in Roanoke, TX.

Booking Information:

Please contact Joe Holewa at (508) 740-7147 or

Email the Band:

Paul Kane

Joe Holewa

Scott Ciprari

Roy Holliday

They can also be heard on the following Trop Rock Radio Stations:

BeachFront Radio
Palapa Mac Radio
Trop Rock WNY’s The Shore
Radio Margaritaville

The Island Castaways Band Website

Sail On, Gordon Price 02/27/49 – 01/30/12

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The answer to this age old question is that I started out as an amateur musician at age 9 or 10 playing the drums and piano in grammar school ! As a teenager growing up in Atlanta Ga., I moved to St.Petersburg Fl. at the ripe young age of 15 and took up the 6 string guitar in that time frame. I played the drums in the high school band and the guitar after school until my mother would scream! I only had a Sears acoustic Silvertone guitar and got my first electric guitar just before going to college at the University of Florida in Gainesville, where I played for part of one year in the “GATOR MARCHING BAND”, until I discovered the finer aspects of college life, women and beer and frat parties!

My first really good guitar was purchased around 1971 and it was an Italian EKO, which is not made anymore. I struggled with it for 10 years until I bought and Ovation wide body “Balladeer” 12 string in 1981. Musically, I started picking up speed about that time. I don’t really remember exactly when I performed in public the first time, but it was probably around a camp fire at Lake Tiger near Lake Wales Florida with 10-20 drunk redneck mothers sprawled out under the live oak trees after a long day fishing for bass and specks. Those were the days and that is how music should be played in my opinion, with friends!

As the eighties progressed, I touched bases with some great neighbors on Tierra Verde, and one old fraternity brother from college, Bob Carter, and we tried to get together and play once a year for the “BEACH BUM’s ANNUAL LABOR DAY PARTY”, at my house. The saying, “the more you drink, the better we sound”, was truly coined by these events. As it goes, Bob Carter and Pat Best and Rob Hough and Wayne Goodwin, could never get our timing together, and the “AVERAGE BEACH BAND” died a miserable death in HELL.

Well these were the good old days, and I remember them with fond memories. I started playing solo beach parties somewhere around 1990 from St.Pete to Key West, depending on where the winds blew us, and started getting a little more serious and intent on becoming a better musician of sorts. I worried if I would always be an amateur, or was I good enough for the big leagues? The thought that has carried me forward is “some day I will”.(Thanks Jimmy Buffett!)

In the mid nineties, you would find me playing with Jack Rigsby and Lonesome Dave Dubouis at the Wharf on Pass-A-Grille Beach, on certain Friday and Saturday nights, when I was not out diving on the “CABO WABO”, my boat. These were impromptu events but the crowds sometimes approached Mike Anderson’s structural dock limits on rare occasions.

I remember doing a wedding on my boat, “CABO WABO”, in Key West in the pouring rain, for my good friends Cindy and John Pike, on New Year’s eve, 1995?? How could a marriage survive such a strange start?? God bless you both! “Love Will Keep Us Alive”, was the only thing I could come up with that seemed appropriate.

My sister Carol and her husband Jon started getting back into music in the nineties also and started a band called the “DOUBLE COUPLE BAND”, with Mike and his wife. They still play in St.Pete with my dad. Jim Ponder, who is also an accomplished musician from the fourties.

Other beach type venues I performed ranged from Frenchmen’s Reef and Lattitude 18 in St. Thomas USVI, Negrill Jamaica, Grand Caymen, Loretto Mexico (Baja), and most recently, San Diego CA. In 1999, I founded a website for independent musicians named “BARMUSIC.COM”. This is my current passion in life, beyond scuba diving and flying and electronic engineering.

For the last 12 years I have been producing radio shows for BARMUSIC.COM and Jimmy Buffett’s Radio Margaritaville on lucky occassion. Steve Huntington, the station manager/director, has been kind enough to air the shows on Radio Margaritaville from time to time. I have done shows with greats such as: GARY SEILER, JERRY GONTANG, TAYLOR HARVEY, JOE RATHBURN, DAVE ZOBL, HUGO DUARTE, MEXICO MARK MULLIGAN, STEVE WHITE, RICK STEFFEN, KELLY McGUIRE, T.SCOTT WALKER, BOB KARWIN, PATRICK FOY, CAPTAIN JOSH, and STEVEN YOUNGBLOOD. I have also done live shows in Key West from 2002-2004 at the Key West Hyatt during MOTM with countless impressive musicians, too numerous to mention.

In the summer of 2006, I was lucky enough to join up with Jason Webb of the CARIBBEAN CHILLERS, and played with them at many major shows from Homestead Florida on the 4th of July to Tampa and Minneola in the fall of 2006! The CHILLERS experience has had a profound impact on my musical career and I still play with them from time to time, especially the annual Palm Harbor Parrot Party every June

I bought a house back in Florida in 2005 and transitioned living from San Diego to Port Richey over the next 3 years. I now live in Port Richey Florida full time. I currently play around Florida as both a solo and band performer. I have a local band known as the STORM CHASERS. I also manage BARMUSIC.COM and produce internet radio shows for the station. I have made a big transition over the last 6 years from an amateur to a professional musician. I have had a very active professional career for the last several years.



Featured Artist of the Week – Jack Mosley

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Jack Mosley, originally from Panama City Florida, is considered by many to be one of the best “TropRock” song writers and entertainers in the country. As an entertainer, Jack has performed all over the United States and the Caribbean and has opened shows for artist such as Johnny Cash, Tanya Tucker, Phil Vassar, The Warren Brothers, and Bad Company to name a few.

Jack is a natural born story teller and that is obvious when you listen to the songs he writes. It is no wonder that his early influences were Dan Fogleberg, Harry Chapin and Jimmy Buffett.

After living in Nashville for nine years honing his song writing skills, Jack and his wife Debra re-located back to his home State of Florida where he quickly fell into the “TropRock” music scene and started writing the kind of music that is near and dear to his heart.

Six Cd’s later, Jack has proven he made the right move. With his CD’s being played on, and almost all of the other TropRock radio stations (both internet, satellite and standard FM), and performing shows from Key West to Michigan, he has firmly established himself as a major force in TropRock music.

Jack is also a co-producer for an annual “TropRock” event in Pigeon Forge TN called TropRocks the Smokies. At this event, Jack brings in the best TropRock artist from around the country to perform their music in a theater setting with a backing band made up of some of the finest musicians Tennessee has to offer.

Jack is available to perform either as a solo artist or with his band, and in addition to his original music, he has years of experience performing cover songs.

Original Source for Info

Pard-Gras 2012 15th Annual “There Was a Pirate”

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Pardi-Gras 2012 – 15th Annual
“There Was a Pirate”

( “+” denotes events that require credentials )





Event / Entertainers Location / Venue

 WED Jan. 11  Time
JB’s Margaritaville Cafe
   RYTHYM & RAIN Tropical Isle #2 (Orleans)

Jan. 12 3:00p – 6:00p    RADIO MARGARITAVILLE
   Happy Hour Recording
JB’s Margaritaville Cafe
    6:15p – 9:00p + Registration

Bourbon Orleans Hotel  – St. Joseph Room
GENE MITCHELL Bourbon Orleans Hotel  –Bourbon “O” Bar
    7:30p –8:55p JOHN RENO Bourbon Orleans Hotel –
Bourbon “O” Bar
    9:00p – 11:00p CALYPSO NUTS Tropical Isle #2
    11:00p – 1:00a    LATE AS USUAL Tropical Isle #1

Jan. 13

12:00p – 3:00p + Registration

Bourbon Orleans Hotel – St. Joseph room


Bourbon Orleans Hotel – Bourbon “O” Bar



Bourbon Orleans Hotel – Bourbon “O” Bar




Bourbon Orleans Hotel – Bourbon “O” Bar

    1:30p – 3:00p +  JIMMY MARAVENTANO Bourbon Orleans Hotel –
Bourbon “O” Bar
    3:00p – 4:30p +  ERIC STONE Tropical Isle #1
    4:30p – 6:00p +  JIM HOEHN Tropical Isle #1
    4:00p –6:00p + BOURBON STREET PUB CRAWL

various Bourbon Street locations
    6:00p – 7:30p JIMMY PARRISH TRIO Tropical Isle #2
    7:45p + Crowning of Pardi-Gras     King & Queen

Tropical Isle #2
    8:00p -9:00p + Pardi-Gras Parade!

Bourbon Street
    9:00p – 11:30p +  WES LOPER BAND   JB’s Margaritaville– Main Stage
    11:30p – 2:00a       VINCE VANCE & THE     VALIANTS Tropical Isle Original – 600 Bourbon
    12:00a    MONTE TOLAR’S
Pirate Toast

Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shoppe

Jan. 14

12:00p–2:00p +  Registration
700 block of Bourbon  St.
    12:00p – 2:00p PAUL ROUSH Tropical Isle #2
    12:00p – 5:30p + Bourbon Street Pardi !

700 block of Bourbon  St.
    2:15p–3:30p +  JERRY DIAZ & HANNA’S       REEF  700 block of Bourbon Street
    3:30p-4:00p +  ANNOUNCEMENTS,

700 block of Bourbon Street
    4:00p–5:30p +  JERRY DIAZ & HANNA’S        REEF     700 block of Bourbon Street
    6:00p-8:00p +  BRENT BURNS The Gazebo Cafe
    8:30p – 11:00p STILL CRUISIN’ JB’s Margaritaville- Main Stage
    11:00p – 1:00p    LATE AS USUAL Tropical Isle #1

Jan. 15

9:00a – 11:00am +  Sunday Brunch

JB’s Margaritaville
    9:00a –11:00am JIM MORRIS JIMMY B’s Margaritaville –
Main Stage
    11:30a – 1:00p DENNIS DAVIS The Gazebo Cafe
    1:30p –

Tropical Isle #2


Tropical Isle #2




Tropical Isle #2