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Photos from our 1st Swim Skinny Show

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Photos from our 1st (of many) Swim Skinny Show – October 2012

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Howard Livingston’s Meet Me in the Keys Event Recap

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Text © Carol Ewald. Photo © Dj Jeff Allen

Text © Carol Ewald. Photo © Dj Jeff Allen

How can I describe these groups known as the Coconut Castaways that host and support this great event? First of all, they are the friendliest, most welcoming bunch of people you’ll ever meet. Secondly, their generosity and passion for the KOA Care Camps is overwhelming.

These camps are specifically set up for children fighting the battle with cancer. It allows them to be KIDS and a break from the hospitals and anguish of their normal daily routines.   The Coconut Castaways slogan of “Serving Community Roles with Caribbean Souls” could not be more apparent.

The event unofficially started Wednesday night with the Annual Goodie Bag Stuffing Party.  Roger Jokela entertained the group while they worked and Howard Livingston even sang a few songs.  This pre-party is always a “must attend”


© Mark Reiman
Goody bag stuffing pre-party!

This amazing event “officially” started out Thursday with a Meet Greet evening with their “Ringleader” Howard Livingston. In spite of rainy weather, we all gathered at the beautiful DoubleTree–Hilton-Grand Key Resort for an evening filled with music by John Patti, Howard and Rick.  Oh yea……there was definitely gonna be “Magic In Key West”.

On Friday AM, the Annual Hangover Classic trek had participants meeting poolside then walking along the ocean to the Conch Flyer Lounge where they were met by Capt. Josh.  All participants had made a Care Camp donation to be a part of the walk.  Captain Josh had everyone ready to party while they all enjoyed Bloody Marys, Mimosas and Screwdrivers to rehydrate for the walk back to the hotel.

The pool party Friday afternoon went on as planned and the weather cooperated.  The non-stop music with Paul Roush, Jack Mosely, Mike Broward, Jimi Pappas, John Patti,  Key West Chris Rehm, and Allan Holland was awesome.

As an additional effort to raise more money, you could get your toenails painted turquoise for a small donation.  How cool it was to see all these macho men parading with painted toes and it raised $1200 for the cause!  As the last of the entertainment hit their final notes…..the Key West skies opened up and the rain came.  It was as if it was planned that way.


© DJ Jeff Allen
Paul Roush and Jack Mosely at the Pool Party

Saturday afternoon it was a packed house at the Rum Barrel for a special performance by John Frinzi. What a great performer he is and he raised $130 to get his toenails painted too! And then on to the main event at Schooner’s Wharf with Howard Livingston and the Mile Marker 24 Band.

The dollars were adding up quickly for the KOA Care Camp! The band kept rocking and there was even an appearance from “Amish Ice” aka DJ Jeff from Beachfront Radio. Built-to-Last barstools and a cigar box box guitar were auctioned off and raised another $1350.


Dj Jeff “Amish Ice” joins Howard Livingston on stage at Schooner’s Wharf

The special Howie “Hats” were selling like crazy and then……it was time to make a margarita.  For those that don’t know about the special margarita machine, it is an outboard motor that has been converted to a blender.  The result margarita is a very special blend. Not just tequila and mix, but the generosity and spirit of giving back as the first margarita produced is auctioned off.  This year at the event that first margarita brought $8000 to the Kids!  It was an incredible night.

© DJ Jeff Allen
Howie’s Famous Margarita Maker

What could be better than spending your Sunday at the Smokin’ Tuna? The food was amazing (included ) and Ericson Holt band jammed the whole afternoon with all the Coconut Castaways celebrating a great event….but wait, it’s not over yet……

That evening we all boarded the “Fury” for a farewell sunset cruise.  Great appetizers and cocktails and the awesome music of Eric Stone. What a beautiful ending to a fantastic event.

We, as Beachfront Radio, could not have been more proud to be a part of this fundraiser.  Their efforts over those few days brought in approx. $25,000.  Added to their fundraisers over the year, their total going to the KOA Care Camp is about $90,000!!!! A lot of kids are going to camp!


© Vicki Koch

As we all know, these kinds of events take a lot of work but the result is gratifying.  Those volunteer people that work tirelessly in the months of preparation, the sponsors that donate and support this event should all be praised and proud of what was accomplished.

Next year’s Coconut Castaway goal is to break that $100K mark.  To find out more and be a part of this tremendous fundraiser visit their site at Southern Most Castaways. You can make a donation year-round to the KOA Care Camps on their website or at: KOA Campground Donations 

We hope to see you in 2014!


Respectfully submitted – Carol Ewald  (with input from Tammy Hollander)

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Homemade Moonshine Recipe Without a Still

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Text Photo © Jeff Cohen


No need to worry about blowing up your moonshine still!  Anyone can make this homemade blackberry moonshine recipe with just a few simple ingredients and patience.

Phase 1 (3 weeks)

1 Liter 190 proof grain alcohol (Everclear).  You can find it at liquor stores.
3 60z. containers of fresh blackberries

Pour the grain alcohol into a 1/2 gallon jar with a lid.
Add all of the blackberries.
Crush the blackberries with a wooden spoon.
Seal the jar and let it sit for 3 weeks.
Shake the jar every other day.

Phase 2 (2 weeks)

After the alcohol and blackberries have sat for 3 weeks, you’ll make a simple syrup to add to the mixture.

4 cups water
3 cups sugar

Bring water to a boil and add sugar.  Stir until the sugar dissolves then let cool to room temperature.
While the simple sugar mixture is cooling, take your alcohol and blackberry mixture and strain out the remaining blackberries.
Return the alcohol mixture into its jar and pour in the simple sugar mixture.
Seal the jar and let sit for 2 weeks or longer.

The resulting moonshine is strong at 95 proof with a wonderful blackberry flavor.

Serve as a chilled shot or use the moonshine to make tasty jello shots.

When making jello shots, just replace 1/2 of the water called for in the jello recipe.  If you use more than that, the jello won’t set up.


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Margaritaville Footwear Parrot Head Appreciation Day

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Have you blown out your flip flops from last summer?  Then it’s time for a new pair or two!

Margaritaville Footwear is running a sweepstakes on Facebook, naming June 22nd as Parrot Head Appreciation Day.  The grand prize winner will walk away with 2 pairs of Margartiaville Footwear, various Parrot Head Sun Care products and $250 worth of new Margaritaville clothing.

Just visit the Margaritaville Footwear Facebook page to enter.

It’s nice to be appreciated!

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Coastal California Elephant Seals

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Text Photos © Tammy Camp

We drove down California’s Highway 1, stopping at almost every overlook and state park.  After nearly 6 hours on one road, we thought we’d never find our way back to the highway.  We depended on Google Maps to guide us, but to our surprise, we were without cell phone coverage all day.

We found a little hotel and restaurant and stopped for directions.  We were shocked to learn we were at least an hour from crossing over to the main highway.  Determined to get off Highway 1 before dark, I might have been driving a little over the speed limit.

The road had finally straightened out.  With no more crazy cliff hugging curves, we were discussing random topics to pass the time.  For some reason, we began talking about road names and our disgust for how deceiving they can be.  For example, why are there roads named “Bay View” when there is no bay in sight?  A few minutes later we passed a sign that said “Elephant Seal Vista” and wondered out loud if anyone told the seals to be there.  We figured they hadn’t read the sign.

With only 30 minutes of daylight left, we were trying to beat the setting sun. I was frantically looking for a pullover area, expecting it to be another dirt outcropping like many of the vistas along Highway 1.   Still not believing we’d actually see seals, my friend rolled down the window to listen.  Unbelievable, we began to hear seals!

The lookout was named Piedras Blancas, which was a well maintained roadside park perched above an Elephant Seal breeding ground.  Plenty of paved parking and a wooden boardwalk along the shoreline.  We flew out of the car, grabbed our camera gear and practically ran to the boardwalk.

The scene was magical.  It smelled like fish.


Elephant Seals covered the beach, crawling over each other to find the right spot to sleep for the night.  Seals were letting out random bellows, arching their heads backwards and scooping sand onto their bodies.  Many were already asleep.

Our first few minutes were spent in a photo snapping freenzy trying capture a few great shots prior to sundown.  Afterwards, we stood in awe watching their behavior.  These creatures were awkward on land.  Trying to crawl around on their bellies pushing all that weight with flippers.  We noticed a number of seals had peeling skin and we began to worry that something was wrong.


Did you notice the peeling skin in the above photo?  Well, between April and May each year, the females and juvenile Elephant Seals come into California shores to molt.  The younger males appear in May and June and the adult males arrive in July and August.  This was the end of the females and juvenile molting season.  Most of the slick, blue-gray seals lacked the elongated nose that is most prominent on the adult males.  Some seals still had their full, dark furry coat and only had just begun molting.  Perhaps these were the younger males whose molting season overlaps with the females.

As the light of the day was disappearing, a lone Elephant Seal returned to the beach and back into the heard.  He was adorable as he crawled over the sleeping mound of seals until he slid into an open spot.   We hated to leave, but unfortunately there wasn’t anymore we could see.


Back on the road, we only had 12 more miles to go to reach the city of Cambria, where we could turn inland towards the main freeway.  All the way back to our hotel we talked about how perfect the day had been and how things worked out just right to get us to the seals.

We thought:  “What if we had stayed longer at Big Sur?”  “Aren’t we glad we decided not to eat at the restaurant where we asked directions?”  Sometimes the best adventures are completely unexpected.

To see more Elephant Seal pictures, click here to visit our Facebook page.

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Parrot Heads Party at Phins to the West 10 Year Anniversary

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Text © Carol Ewald. Photo © Carrie Post.
Impromptu All Star Jam at Phins to the West


This year’s Phins to the West was truly the “Party that never ended”!  From Wednesday through Sunday over 500 Parrot Heads and Trop Rock music lovers from all over the country (and even Canada) partied with a purpose at the Avi Resort in Laughlin, NV.

The daytime hours by the pool were filled with non-stop entertainment from Bob Karwin, Rob Mehl, Jim Hoehn, Sam Rainwater, Jerry Gontang, Jambo Joe Bones Amy M, Tall Paul Kristie Bobal, Crawdaddy, Tropical Soul, The Jp’s (Jimi Pappas John Patti) and The Calypso Nuts.  Wow, whatta line up!

The weather was beautiful but if the sun got to you, there was even more indoors. At registration the “Horizon Stage” kept the music coming with Ukoloco, Steve Tolliver, Andy Forsyth, Janet Lantz,The Desert Island Band, Susan Schauf, Ray Cody and New Mexico’s Just For Fun Band.

On Friday Saturday afternoons, the Arrow Weed lounge had some “up close personal” solo performances by some of our poolside personalities and special guest, Tommie John from Knoxville, Tn.  And that was just the daytime entertainment!   The afternoon fun continued with a  Cornhole Tournament, Living Like A Pirate’s Cup decorating and shopping in the fabulous mini-mart at Poodles Island Wear, Rum Therapy, Barefoot Beachbums and all the cool vendors that were there.

On Wednesday, many of the early birds joined the jet boat lunch trip down to Pirate’s Cove and that night, the Calypso Nuts (Robbie Lynley) rocked the pool area with “Think Pink and Let’s Drink”! Free beer for all and everyone got in the pink spirit in honor of Lynley-Tolls Meade.


Thursday night kicked off the TOGA party with “Girlz Rule” and Tropical Soul – Heather Sneeringer, Kristie Bobal and Lynley Tolls.  These gals are awesome together! Dennis McCaughey, Dave Huxta and Heather (Tropical Soul) are always a crowd pleaser.  Then, a Phins to the West favorite, Stars On The Water took the stage. We were all so glad to see Jerry Gontang bouncing around the stage with his new knee and his energy was contagious.  The band sounded great!


© Carrie Post
Probably the Largest Parrot Head Toga Party Ever!

Friday night opened with the fantastic Scott Kirby and he put on an amazing 2 hour performance. I am a HUGE Scott Kirby fan and was glad to see I was not alone as the room filled up early to catch his solo act.  PTTW is known for Theme nights and everyone showed up in their best “Rancho Deluxe” wear.  Then MAGIC happened……..the Phins to the West ALL-Star Band! This amazing group of talent pulled together out of an unforeseen schedule change and gave PTTW something that will probably never been seen or heard again.

Tall Paul, Jimi Pappas, Dave Huxta, Tommie John, Lynley Tolls-Meade, Robbie Meade, Kristie Bobal, Crawdaddy, Heather Sneeringer, Dennis McCaughey, Amy M, Bob Karwin, Jim Hoehn and even…….John Patti contributed to an absolutely incredible night of music.

At one point I looked out over the crowded dance floor and realized that, yes…people were dancing but they couldn’t take their eyes off the stage.  You just never knew who was going to show up next!  Besides their amazing talents, this also shows another way that we “Take Care of Our Own” and their dedication to their fans as they came together for the good of the event and made Trop Rock history.

Saturday night’s “Gypsies In The Palace” started with TallDaddy! It’s always fun to watch Tall Paul and Crawdaddy jam together.  Then, as (Beachfront Radio) refers to him, “The Godfather of Trop Rock”, Jim Morris and the Big Bamboo Band rocked the room.  This was a special treat for us West-coasters as the whole band rarely gets over here.

And talk about raising money…..there were ongoing raffles and one of biggest, best Silent Auctions ever seen!!! To top it off, expert auctioneer Marc Nesseler ran an incredible LIVE auction raising thousands of dollars which included a personally autographed guitar from Zac Brown and the Band to Phins to the West!

This event would never be as successful without the dedicated work of our Board of Directors, volunteers, sponsors, mini-mart vendors and participants.

Our Chairman – Jim Hill
Director of Finance- Nina Hill
Merchandise Director – Doug Murray
Communications Director – Paula Masiulewicz
Event Operations Director – Alan Conklin
Sponsor Director – Lori Siler (the QUEEN of silent auctions!)
And I was privileged to be the Director of Entertainment. And I must give recognition to our Emcee for the entire event.  DJ Jeff did a fantastic job!


© Jim Axl Siler

To try to thank everyone involved with the success of this event would be impossible and I’m sure I’ve missed someone.  We know our main objective to “Party with a Purpose” was a success and our charities, The Boys Girls Club, Keep Memory Alive and the DJ Jeff/Taking Care of Our Own Fund will be the beneficiaries.

Huge kudos to all the great photographers as well.  Carrie Post, Steve Cantwell, Jim “Axl” Siler and all the others! You can see all the fun on the Phins to the West Facebook Page.

Beachfront Radio recorded these amazing performances and will be aired at specific times to be determined. Stay tuned to the Beachfront Radio Facebook page and we hope to see everyone back at the River in 2014!

Respectfully submitted,
Carol Ewald
Director of Entertainment, PTTW

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Trop Rock Artists Dennis McCaughey, Dani Hoy & Capt. Josh Fun Facts

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Trop Rockin’ Online Magazine celebrates the people, places and adventures of the Trop Rock lifestyle.

A fun place to hangout for Parrot Heads, Trop Rock Music fans, Beach Travelers and anyone who loves the Jimmy Buffett lifestyle.

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Jimmy Buffett Concert Tailgate in Frisco

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Text Photos © Cindy Bates Muir
It’s Tiki Time at the Jimmy Buffett Concert Tailgate in Frisco, TX

Fun in Frisco?  You Bet!

I remember several years ago when the annual spring arrival of Jimmy Buffett’s Dallas concert was moved to a tiny place north of Plano called Frisco. We traveled out to the country on the Dallas North Tollway, it seemed, and planned to spend a few hours in a remote parking lot of a soccer stadium before getting our yearly dose of an evening in
“Margaritaville.”  Who would have guessed that a venue in the middle of cow pastures would turn out to be one of the top tailgate destinations in the country?

Tailgating is legendary at Frisco. For a few years now, the line of RVs and travel trailers has stretched a couple of miles when they open the parking gates on Friday.  The infamous “Red Lot” is always quickly filled with these overnight vehicles and the decorating and fun begins!  I am partial, though, to the Gold Lot, which is open only to Parrot Head Club vehicles. I gladly pay the extra money to be in the center of the Parrot Head action and look forward to seeing friends from the Southern Region of PHIP (Parrot Heads in Paradise).

The mastermind of the Frisco Gold Lot is Lone Star member Terry Thompson. He has taken on the challenge of a day full of details for several years now and does a terrific job of coordinating with the venue, organizing the valuable parking spots and overseeing entertainment and fund-raising events.


Terry Thompson Suzanne Devasher

One of the aspects of the Frisco “Sharking Lot Party” is all the imagination and creativity that abounds. I used to be one to zip around (riding, not driving) in a tropically decorated golf cart. Well, no more, as any kind of motorized vehicle, such as golf carts and four-wheelers, were banned this year. What did the Parrot Heads do? They relied on pedal power! One very creative fellow had built a pirate ship around a pedal cart and spent his time making new friends all day in the Gold Lot, while slowly pedaling his booty along!

I also witnessed old fashioned foot power with an amazing replica of Fred Flinstone’s car…..Load up some passengers and get the feet “walking” and the car moved. Not fast, but it moved!


There was also lots of live music in the Gold Lot. Cedar Creek Parrot Head Club brought a fabulous pirate ship stage and featured some super local talent, including Don Burke and Kelly Brown. Out of earshot of the pirate ship was the COPA Reefers, from the Central Oklahoma Parrot Head Club. They entertained all afternoon, with a mix of country, Trop Rock and Buffet (of course!) music. As for as raising money for charity, the  Lone Star Parrot Head Club is always on the ball with cheeseburgers and potty passes to their nice (and clean!) potty truck. Proceeds usually go to the local USO.

And what about costuming for the parking lot event? I’ll admit that this was the first year that I didn’t wear my concert hat – for one thing, it’s fairly heavy and gives me super “hat hair,” so if I put it on, I must commit to the hat until the end of the concert. But, I witnessed several great tailgating outfits. One of the first great groups was a family…..  an older brother in a shark costume, plus little brother and sister in pirate and hula girl garb. Those parents are raising their kids right!

I also delighted in seeing a trio of West Highland Terriers with shark fin-adorned sweaters.


And, of course, veteran Parrot Heads, such as Cooler Dave Spenny of San Antonio, always dress in appropriate and fun costuming.  Along with Woody, of course!


Dave Spenny Woody

In my opinion, a day at the Buffet parking lot party in Frisco is exhausting, but a truly unique experience. I’ll take my vitamins and get ready for next year!

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Parrot Heads Crowned King and Queen of Pardi Gras

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Text Photos © Tammy Camp
Tim Lisa Herman 2013 Pardi Gras King Queen

Parrot Heads Crowned King and Queen of Pardi Gras


Tim Lisa Herman

“I love tiaras” Lisa admits. “Being Queen of Pardi Gras was a dream come true.”

Parrot Heads, Tim and Lisa Herman have joined the long line of Pardi Gras royalty.  Each year, Jerry and Mary Diaz bestow the honor of King and Queen to a few deserving people who have supported not only Pardi Gras, but Trop Rock music and exemplify the Parrot Head spirit.  Tim and Lisa make a perfect King and Queen.  An adorable couple, celebrating 20 years together this upcoming December.  They are true Parrot Heads.  In fact, their second date was a Jimmy Buffett concert. “We knew we were hooked [on each other] after that”, Lisa remembers.

The identity of the King and Queen is a well kept secret each year, announced just minutes before the Pardi Gras Bourbon Street Parade.  When Jerry made the announcement to the crowd in front of Tropical Isle, Lisa was shocked, overjoyed and doing her best not to cry (unsuccessfully).  Tim, the laid back casual man that he is, took it in stride, as Lisa seemed permanently latched around his neck in a big bear hug.


Tim Lisa moments after the King and Queen announcement

Once they made it through the crowd, Mary draped them in their new robes and crowns and then it was a rush to get on the parade float.  They spent their first moments as King and Queen atop the lead float, riding down Bourbon Street and throwing beads to the crowd.

“I was overcome with joy to ‘officially’ wear a tiara at Pardi Gras. So much fun!”  Tim and Lisa’s “royal duties” continued throughout the event.  Requiring them to wear the royal dress and accept free drinks offered to them.  It’s a really tough job and they were both steadfast in meeting their duties.


Tim’s gathering beads and Lisa flashes us a big smile from the Pardi Gras parade float!

Lisa already had a recurring role at Pardi Gras.  Each year, she joins Hanna’s Reef on stage as backup vocals for a few songs.  I’ll never forget the first time I heard Lisa sing.  It was over 6 years ago in a karaoke bar on Bourbon St.  We were making our way from bar to bar during the Pardi Gras Pub Crawl and she entertained all of us during the short stop.  I still love to hear her sing and enjoy it each year when she joins the band on stage.


Lisa joins Jerry Diaz Hanna’s Reef

Bikers for Boobs

In true Parrot Head fashion, Lisa and Tim pour their time and money into their charity work.  In 2006, Lisa started Bikers for Boobs as a way to raise money for a local breast cancer walk and had 324 registered participants for the poker run and was able to donate $16,500 to the charity. The following two years, through her event, Lisa was able to donate $30,000 each year.

Bikers for Boobs was Lisa’s first effort to raise money for breast cancer through the motorcycle community. Not the typical name for a charity, but Lisa felt it would be a fun name along with the slogan “They raise awareness”, Lisa chuckles, “My bikers love it!”  According to Lisa, Bikers are just like Parrot Heads, they like to get together at fun events and are very giving.  She says that “if you ever see a group of bikers riding down the road, you can best bet they are raising money for something, whether it be a child with cancer or just a person down on his or her luck.”

It was time to take Bikers for Boobs to the next level.  Believe or not, in this day and time there are still corporate sponsors out there who will not write a check to the “boob” word.  So, in order to garner more support and better direct how the donations were used, in 2008, Lisa’s charity officially became a 501(c)(3), naming the organization Bikers Battling Breast Cancer, Inc.


Bikers Battling Breast Cancer

The events and fundraising continued and in 2011 Lisa realized she wanted to truly be able to change the path of a patient’s treatment, as this is the mission of her charity.  Early detection and education are the main focus. That year she called the local hospital through Tanner Medical Foundation, and asked if there was any diagnostic funding for a patient beyond the basic mammogram. The hospital responded that they often had requests from doctors for additional free tests, but they did not have the money.  Turned out to be a perfect match.

Bikers Battling Breast Cancer set up a financial assistance fund with the hospital to help patients receive additional tests such as Stereotactic Breast Biopsy, Breast Ultrasound, Petscan, CT Scan, MRI and even BRCA genetic testing.  In 2011, they were able to donate $25,000 and last year another $30,000 to this fund.

Curves Chrome Event

Lisa’s Bikers Battling Breast Cancer charity hosts a huge annual 3 day event called Curves Chrome as its main fundraiser.  The event includes a bike show, fashion show, live music, stunt show, VIP party, auction and the “Bikers for Boobs” motorcycle ride and poker run.

In 2012 the charity’s Curves Chrome weekend raised $73,000 with 874 registered participants for their motorcycle poker run and other events.  In addition to the funds donated to Tanner, Bikers Battling Breast Cancer donated $10,000 to WellStar, contributing to two local hospitals for their mammogram voucher program; $5,000 to The Breast Cancer Survivor’s Network, the largest support organization in Georgia, and $16,250 to the Pink Kick-Starter Project, a registered program of Bikers Battling Breast Cancer which provides organizer kits to newly diagnosed breast cancer patients through both local breast health programs and individually, distributing over 600 kits since the program’s inception.

BFB 2013 with code and website

Lisa works year round to organize the event and Tim supports her with what ever she needs.  Everyone who works for Bikers Battling Breast Cancer are volunteers.  No one gets a salary and the charity doesn’t pay for any of the overhead costs, ensuring all funds raised are given back to the breast cancer community.

Lisa and Tim both have full-time jobs and manage the charity on their own time and on their own dime.  Lisa feels blessed to have Tim as her main support.  He works so hard, especially on the day of the event to make sure everything runs smoothly.   Lisa has a great sense of humor and remembers telling Tim “Aren’t you lucky I picked a charity that has Bikers AND Boobs?”.


Tim on his way to deliver beer at Tropical Isle

Overall, Bikers Battling Breast Cancer has raised $450,000 to help breast cancer patients in the community.  Even though the Pardi Gras tiara and crown are all in fun, Tim and Lisa really are royalty to the patients their charity helps.  In Lisa’s words, “It’s rewarding that we are really touching lives.”

Please join Lisa, Tim and over a 1500 Bikers at the Curves Chrome Fundraiser.  If you’re not able to attend, you can still help breast cancer patients through online donations:  Bikers Battling Breast Cancer Donation Page  Donations of auction or door prizes are appreciated. For more information visit or call 678-378-5653.


Tim Lisa
Great Parrot Heads and Bikers dedicated to helping others.


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A Key West Mosther’s Day

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Text Photo © Millie Taylor
Three Moms celebrate Mother’s Day in Key West

A Key West Mother’s Day

When I think about tropical getaways, Key West is always first on the brain.  Adventures with friends in a tropical place makes me smile with delight along with great music and a special host makes me even happier.

It’s Mother’s Day. I see clear skies and great Moms!  This Mother’s Day I am honored my son is hosting myself and two close friends of mine to enjoy a well deserved Key West get away.

Years of raising our kids and others has brought us to this wonderful time to share some stories and cocktails on Duval St. in Key West.  We’re ready for a weekend of Mother’s Day adventures. This is our chance to enjoy local artists and local musicians while there is no children to tend to!!  We’ll be kayaking, paddle boarding, sun soaking, snorkeling and night dancing in the streets.

For years we have enjoyed wiping drool and watching our children crawl.  As Moms, we stand up to the challenge of the Duval Drool Crawl.  I feel the need for Capt.Tony’s, Hogg’s Breath, Sloppy Joe’s, Island Dog, Rum Barrel, Conch Republic, Schooners, Willie T’s, Margaritaville.  Really…. I think we will make a few of these.  As the little train story goes– I think I can, I think I can.  It is time to get back those youthful years and jump into our tropical get away.

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all the TROP ROCKIN’ MOMS out there!!

Cheers xo

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