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Featured Artist – Jimmy and the Parrots

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Grab your beach chair, your suntan oil, and your favorite drink, and get ready for a trip to the islands! From the West Indies and Jamaica to cities all over the US, Jimmy and the Parrots have been playing to delighted crowds for over 10 years. The band has performed at the annual Meeting of the Minds Parrot Head conventions in Key West, Florida, as well as well-known Key West venues such as Schooner Wharf, Sloppy Joes, The Rum Barrel, and Rick’s Cafe. Additionally, the band has rocked the original Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville Café stage on Duval Street several times to rave reviews.

Internationally, the band has traveled to Ocho Rios, Jamaica, Basseterre, St. Kitts, West Indies, Cap Cana, Dominican Republic, and the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas. They’ve been part of two Yea Mon cruises; the first found them performing on board as well as during our port stop in Nassau, Bahamas, at Senor Frogs. Our next cruise will have them performing during our port stop in Key West; there will will take the stage at the Smokin’ Tuna Saloon.

The title track from their debut CD, “Yea Mon,” was included in a beach music compilation CD entitled, “Thongs in the Key of Life, Vol. II.” In October 2004, they released their CD of all-original tunes, “Better Than New,” to rave reviews. In March 2006, they released “Island Jam,” a 3-CD set, which has already sold over 40,000 copies nationwide. That was followed up with another 3-CD set, “Sun Jams, and most recently, the band released another CD of original tunes, “Back to the Bayou.”

One of the most requested Jimmy Buffett cover bands in the country, Jimmy and the Parrots perform not only all the great Buffett songs you love, they also play new and classic rock ‘n roll, as well as outstanding original songs written by lead singer/guitarist Jimmy Maraventano. Their cover songs include favorites by the Beach Boys, Zac Brown Band, Toby Keith, Jerry Jeff Walker, Harry Belafonte, and Bob Marley, among many others. The band truly appeals to all ages and all musical tastes.

Jimmy and the Parrots wrote a beautiful anthem to commemorate the SS United States . The Conservancy would like to personally thank Jimmy Maraventano and his band of Parrots: Lance Hyland Stark, Jimmy Maraventano, Jr., and Hal B. Selzer.

Additionally a personal thank you to Manager Mary Beth Rotella for providing the lyrics which follow.

Words and Music by Jimmy Maraventano
Copyright 2010

She floats as only she can
Proud and majestic is she
Colors of grandeur none can compare
Could you picture her on the high sea

Kings and queens were the guests of her time
Persons of fortune and fame
Can you recall the time it was
When the whole word would utter her name

She’s a symbol of America
Built with American hands
She cuts through the seas with amazing ease
She stills holds the Blue Riband

Flagship of our nation
The strongest and fastest to date
We cannot stand by we will not accept
That this is to be her fate

Her contours split the horizon
Defying the endless tides
Though faded and rusting you’ll see right through
Her beauty her grace and her prime

But now broken, alone, no place to call home
She sits and wait patiently
To ride the waves, fly her flags
Fulfill her destiny

She’s a symbol of America
Built with American hands
She cuts through the seas with amazing ease
She stills holds the Blue Riband

Flagship of our nation
The strongest and fastest to date
We cannot stand by we will not accept
That this is to be her fate

For fifty odd years she continues to fight
The ravages of the sea
Time will win out as it always does
Fade into history

Now is the time is to hear her call
Let’s end these years of neglect
A second chance to serve again
She deserves at least that much respect

For she’s a symbol of America
Built with American hands
She cuts through the seas with amazing ease
She stills holds the Blue Riband

A symbol of America
Her namesake the United States
Let’s do this for our country
Before it is too late.

A symbol of America.

“Honest to God, I loved Jimmy & the Parrots more than anybody I saw all weekend. And as you know, everybody else was great too! The energy on stage, the sound, the songs, everything, loved it! Can’t wait to see them again sometime in the future.”

Dennis “DK” King
Island Time Radio Show, WBWC 88.3 FM
Berea, OH

“Our Beach Party was a success, and we’d like to personally extend our thanks to you and the members of Jimmy and the Parrots for providing us with the music to guide our night along. We estimate more than 550 people attended this year’s inaugural event. Your upbeat attitude and harmony kept the event running smoothly. We would like to extend our deepest gratitude to all of you and congratulate you on a job well done!”

Lisa O’Neill
Ocean County Parks and Recreation Department
Toms River, NJ

“Jimmy and The Parrots were fabulous. Guests of all ages were dancing in place, moving and grooving as they walked around the show. I even noticed that the catering staff was choreographing their food and drink service to the beat.

One senior executive at PNC commented to me that she thought it was the best Flower Show Dinner yet because of the band — she thought Jimmy and The Parrots made the party. That is quite a compliment considering PNC has been doing this event for 15 years.

It was a pleasure working with you all. ”

Barbara Sheehan
Sheehan Events
West Chester, PA

Purchase their Music Here

11 best Buffett-style beach and booze songs – from the Omaha World Herald

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Call it island music, call it gulf & western or just call it Buffett music.

Whatever you name the genre, it has one purpose: to transport you away from hard work and soul-crushing stress to good times, cold beer, sunny beaches, tasty booze and fun-loving companions.

Since releasing “A White Sport Coat and a Pink Crustacean,” Jimmy Buffett has been the king of island-styled country music.

His hits talk of pirates, margaritas, volcanoes, Mondays, sharks, cheeseburgers, getting drunk and a whole lot more. And his fans so love his music that they’ve supported his huge “Margaritaville” merchandising empire that includes everything from shoes to sunglasses and chicken wings to coconut rum. There are even $300 “frozen concoction makers.”

It’s no surprise that other artists have gotten in on the game, whether it’s for love of easygoing beach fun or for a slice of the Buffett pie.

Since we’ve all heard “Margaritaville” and “Son of a Son of a Sailor” plenty of times, we surveyed the array of island-friendly tunes to find the best non-Buffett offerings in the style he pioneered.

These 11 best will make you want to blow off your adult responsibilities and relocate to a beachside town or tavern, much like Buffett did years ago.

“Toes” by Zac Brown Band With his toes in the water, Buffett buddy Zac Brown sings about drinking beer, palm trees, bikinis and playing guitar. “Life is good today,” indeed.

“Bananas and Blow” by Ween Full of steel drums, this tune could be mistaken for a Buffett song, but for a fact it’s about fruit and cocaine. When we asked readers for Buffett-style songs, they nominated this one far more than any other.

“Knee Deep” by Zac Brown Band (feat. Jimmy Buffett) This one features Buffett himself singing, and it’s all about escaping life, getting “knee deep in the water somewhere” and looking forward to the sunshine. His only worry: “Is the tide gonna reach my chair?”

“No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems” by Kenny Chesney Lounging on the beach with a drink in hand is a way of life for Kenny Chesney, or so he says at the beginning of the song’s video, which shows him mostly adhering to the dress code in the song’s title.

“Southern Cross” by Crosby, Stills & Nash After his love for a woman goes sour, the song’s character takes off sailing “on a boat/Goin’ to Southern islands.” “Southern Cross” hit No. 18 on the Billboard charts in 1982. Buffett has covered this song.

“Out Last Night” by Kenny Chesney Ever wake up in the morning and realize some crazy stuff went down last night? Chesney documents the experience, including drinking too much beer and introducing yourself as a senator’s son. Those were fun times.

“Beer in Mexico” by Kenny Chesney Much like Buffett sang about frozen concoctions and Key West in “Margaritaville,” Chesney sings about sitting in a tourist town and enjoying some adult beverages.

“This Afternoon” by Nickelback The normally hard-rocking Canadians sang this tune about women, sitting poolside, drinking beer, smoking pot and hanging out.

“Six-Pack Summer” by Phil Vassar Joys such as parties, barbecues, six packs and, um, NASCAR are what come to mind when Phil Vassar gets ready for summer. One of the great things about summer, according to Vassar, is a copy of Buffett’s greatest hits, naturally.

“Some Beach” by Blake Shelton Blake Shelton needs a place to go — preferably with a beautiful sunset, dancing and “lovers romancing” — after people make him angry. He’s angry enough to almost call them something closely resembling the song’s title.

“Stays in Mexico” by Toby Keith “What happens in Mexico stays in Mexico,” as the song goes. The song offers good advice for the vices you may find on a tropical vacation, such as “Don’t bite off more than you can chew” and “One more (tequila) is never enough.”

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Featured Artist of the Week – Southern Drawl Band

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Southern Drawl Band was formed by lead vocalist Nashville Mike and guitarist Rich Killingsworth in Febuary of 2011. Mike & Rich have been playing on and off together for more than a decade with their previous band “Krank” (a high energy, alternative rock band) and other projects. Playing as a duo under the name “Nashville Mike” for several months in early 2011, they added drummer Larry Dunsmore in May of 2011 and changed the name to Southern Drawl Band. They added keyboardist Lonnie Miller in June and bassist Brannon McCaleb in late July. Having been together as a band for only a few months, Southern Drawl Band has quickly become one of the top drawing acts in Knoxville with their fans and club owners alike. Leaving many folks asking “where did these guys come from?” Don’t get the wrong idea though, these guys are far from an “overnight success”. With combined stage and performance experience of close to a century, they credit strong work ethic and their love for the music, as well as a heartfelt appreciation for the fans for this seemingly “fast” rise up the ladder. Southern Drawl makes every song their own and every audience member a part of the show. They believe that in this day of TV talent shows and one hit wonders, the old fashioned way of building success “one fan at a time” is still the best way to build lasting success.

“Nashville” Mike

Lead Singer/Acoustic Guitar


Mike is a guitarist, singer, and published songwriter currently living in Knoxville, TN. Mike, a Tennessee native, was born in Kingsport and raised in Nashville where he grew up playing guitar and singing in the bar scene. Moving to Cocoa Beach, FL in 2006, Mike continued building a following of fans young and old; opening for such acts as Eddie Money, Marshall Tucker and Uncle Cracker and touring with his band The Cocolocos from Key West to The Bahamas. In 2009, Mike’s original CD release of “Another Day In Paradise” led to a publishing deal with Rice Publishing/Nashville. Mike moved back home to Tennessee in 2010 after the passing of his father and began building yet another resume of success, earning a position among the top acts in Knoxville. Mike has opened for such acts as Eddie Money, Uncle Cracker and Marshall Tucker Band.

Rich Killingsworth

Lead Guitar/Fiddle/Vocal/Utility

Born in october 1966, I started playing guitar at 12 yrs of age. I learned by ear from my grandma, Bea Green, and mom, Janis Killingsworth. Mom taught me how to sing all the spectrum’s of all the vocal line’s. Thats why singing harmony is natural for me. Mom also taught me how to play the banjo. I still have my great grandpa “Poppy”s banjo. My granpa “Doc”, taught me how to play harmonica, though I still need a lot of practice. Both sides of the family have musical talent. My sister ” Bobbie Kaye”, sing’s better than me. My great grandpa, “Uncle John Milligan”, was well known for playing fiddle in the area back in the day. He played over his head, between his legs, behind his back. I never met him, but that would have been something to see. I learned how to play the fiddle when I was 17, via mandolin. It’s tuned the same, but you have to use a bow instead of a pick. I never liked the way it sounded when I was learning, because when you mess up on a fiddle, man doe’s it make the dog’s howl! lol. I put it away until feb. 2011, when Nashville Mike asked me if I knew how to play any of Zack Brown Band’s stuff. I said, who’s Zack Brown? So I started learning fiddle this year, and my dog’s have settled down. I must be getting better, lol. I played in northwest indiana until I was 19, and was lucky enough to be the opener for “Mickey Gilley”, in Chicago. I did alot of high school homework on breaks in my car at the bars. A year after I graduated, I moved to Tn. with “Razin’ Kayne” band from indiana. That band did openers for “Jerry Reed”, and others. After about a year we disbanned, and I played with “Clifford Russel” for a few months. I helped form “Silverado Band”, after that, and played as house band for “Starlight” bar and grill, which is now “Six Pockets”, for a few years.Went on the road with “The Bad Weather Boy’s” in the Chicago area for a while. The weather was bad, let me tell ya. I got an offer to come back to Knoxville and play with The “Hunley Brothers” and Sister Ruth poolside at the “Grand Hotel” in Pigeon Forge, so I took it. They were great people, and had an all Dollywood cast of player’s except for me. I had alot of fun with them. We even Ended up playing with Their older brother, Capital records recording artist, “Con Hunley”. We did New years at the grand, and opened up the “Eagle Mountain” music theatre, with Con as headliner, and Johnny Counterfiet, opposite Jim Ed Brown and Jeanie Sealey. I loved playin’ with Burton Acres on bass, and the great “Herbie Wallace”, on steel guitar. Those guy’s could really play! I moved to Myrtle Beach in 95, and played 10-15 shows a week on “The Grand Strand”. I met my son Ryan’s Mother Jenny Beck while she was on vacation, and knew I met the love of my life. We got busy with starting a family, and I moved back to Knoxville to do auto collision repair with my father Tom Killingsworth. I did that for 15 years, and when my dad died in 09′ I didn’t like to do it anymore. He was truely my best friend. I met Mike in 2002 when His wife and Jenny were enrolled in South College. When I heard him sing, I had the itch again. We started an alternative band called “Krank”. Volume, not the drug. We played LOUD. Mike and I had alot of fun with that music, then he moved away, and I continued to do auto collision. Besides filling in for a few bands here and ther, I figured the best was behind me. But now, with the “Southern Drawl Band”, I have a new love and outlook on musical possibilities, and want to ride this train as long as I can. They are a great bunch of guy’s and we have alot of fun. You can be yourself. I play from the soul and the band fit’s me perfectly. I am excited to see what the future holds.

Larry Dunsmore


Larry Dunsmore has been performing & recording drums & percussion in and around knoxville for over a decade playing with the best musicians in the area. playing nearly 1,500 live performances, 200+ recording hours, and more broken drum sticks then we can possible count. keeping knoxville’s rhythms tight & clean, striving for perfection, we are the weight that holds down the rhythm section!



Zac Brown Band, Alabama, Allman Brothers, Toby Keith, Blackberry Smoke, Alan Jackson, Marshall Tucker, Billy Currington, Doobie Brothers,Tim McGraw, Stevie Ray Vaughn, George Strait, Lynard Skynard, Tom Petty, Jimmy Buffett, Charlie Daniels Band, Old Crow Medicine Show.

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Red Solo Cup, I’m In Love With You

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Red Solo Cup
I fill you up
Let’s have a party
Let’s have a party

What happens when you make a video with dozens of attractive women, a college house party, lots of red drink cups and a country music star? You get an instant cult classic hit.

Toby Keith’s new album drops tomorrow, and on it a fun song about the unassuming life of the party, the red solo cup. A song about a cup? Yes, watch the video below and you’ll see what I mean. The song called Red Solo Cup is catchy, addictive and if you’re not careful you’ll being singing its hook for days. Trust me it’s true, I’ve annoyed everyone around me the last few days with spontaneous outbursts of “Solo Cup!”

My buddy 007 introduced me to this video last weekend and it’s been in my head ever since. I now pass the disease on to you. Enjoy!

Red Solo Cup by Toby Keith

No, this song doesn’t have anything to do with the island lifestyle that we all love and neither does Toby Keith for that matter. I guess you could call his hit song, Stays In Mexico and island escape themed song, but that really doesn’t make him an island boy like some other singer/songwriters we know. What this song represents is simplicity, good times and a good toe-tapper. All songs don’t have to be deep and edgy, sometimes it’s okay to be absurd and be about a plastic drinking cup.

What do you think of the song? Are you addicted to it yet?


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