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Gulf Coast Cowboy: January 8

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“Because when you stop and look around, this life is pretty amazing.” – Unknown

Click for KBEC 1390 Classic Texas Music - Gulf Coast Cowboy Hour

Welcome back for the first episode of Gulf Coast Cowboy of 2014! We’re excited to be back and trop-rockin’ through the year. This weeks episode is all about celebrating life! Sometimes we all take things a little too seriously and things can get us down. The best thing for that is to remember that life is all about enjoying it. So, do what you love and keep on doing it.


1. Getting Old Ain’t For Sissies – Bill Mitchell

2. Destined To Be Down Here –  Mark Mulligan

3. Working On My Tan – Bob Karwin

4. Shake Senora (Jump In The Line) – The CalypsoNuts

5. Traveler’s Journal – Don Middlebrook & Living Soul

6. Beaches Are Empty – Gary Seiler

7. Livin’ The Good Life – Cindy Walsh

8. T.U.I. (Texting Under the Influence) – Greg Dillard

9. Laid Back and Key Wasted – Jim Morris

10. Any Way The Wind Blows – Latitude

11. Everyday’s a Saturday – The Mango Man

12. Can I Give It Up Yet – Loren Davidson

Gulf Coast Cowboy October 16th 7:00-8:00pm CST

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Gulf Coast Cowboy – October 16th

Click for KBEC 1390 Classic Texas Music - Gulf Coast Cowboy Hour

1. Sand Dollar Millionaire / Mark Mulligan

2. In The Sand / Headin’ South

3. One Particular Harbor / Jimmy Buffett

4. We Got Our Beach Back / Mark Mulligan

5. Walk On The Beach / Rob Mehl

6. Sandbar Serenade / James White

7. Beachfront Town / Larry Joe Taylor

8. Bar On a Beach / Jambo Joe Bones

9. The Beach!!! / Key West Chris

10. Beach Bum / Donny Brewer

11. Beachcombin’ / KD Moore & Greg ‘Fingers’ Taylor

12. Island State of Mind / Kelly McGuire



Hello and welcome back everyone! This week, it’s all about laying out under an umbrella and digging your toes in the sand! Kick back and let us take you away. Mark Mulligan is first up with “Sand Dollar Millionaire” .  Then Headin’ South returns with“In The Sand”. The one and only, Jimmy Buffett joins in and sings his classic “One Particular Harbor ” for us.  Mark Mulligan returns with a tune off of his Back to Laid Backrecord with “We Got Our Beach Back”.  Up next, I think I need a drink. Wait, where am I? Ahh yes..  Ok now next, Rob Mehlchimes in with “Walk On The Beach”, and is followed by “Sandbar Serenade” from James White. “Beachfront Town” byLarry Joe Taylor is up next. I think I see something… Is it? I think it is! Now we’re going to the “Bar On a Beach” with Jambo Joe Bones. Key West Chris belts a tune with “The Beach!!!”. Donny Brewer even shows up with “Beach Bum”, which I’m pretty sure was written about me. KD Moore and Greg ‘Fingers’ Taylor take over and sing “Beachcombin'”. “Island State of Mind” by Kelly McGuire (the guy on your right) brings us to a close . If you would like to make a request or have any suggestions for artists please contact jp Thanks for tuning in with us, hope to see y’all next week!


Gulf Coast Cowboy Hour LIVE on KBEC 1390

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The Gulf Coast Cowboy Hour

Click for KBEC 1390 Classic Texas Music - Gulf Coast Cowboy Hour

A celebration of making it halfway through another week!  Featuring songwriters and storytellers who have a tie to the Gulf of Mexico and long for a slower, quieter way of life without cell phones, computers, beepers, buzzers, and everyday worries.  Artists who will be featured include Jimmy Buffett, Zac Brown, Howard Livingstone, Joe Ely, Kelly McGuire, Tommy Alverson, Sunny Jim, Jim Morris, the Boat Drunks, Don Middlebrook, the Tapwater Conchs, and any other artist we might find to celebrate the coastal life found on 642 miles of Texas shoreline!


Hello and welcome back everyone!

This week we have a special featured interview on our mid-week vacation. Grab a Drink, a lawn chair, and some friends. Join us this week on Gulf Coast Cowboy. A Regular on our circuit returns; it’s Jambo Joe Bones with “Bar On A Beach” .  Then Mark Mulligan makes a return with “Too Much Wishing Not Enough Fishing”. Our Featured Guest Dani Hoy sings “Drunk on Mallory Square”. Mark David Manders makes an appearance with “Frio River”. Texas Country and Gulf Coast Original Pat Green joins in with “Texas on My Mind”. Guess who’s Back: it’s Rob Mehl with “Waiting for Jimmy”, and is followed by “Sandy Beaches” by Delbert McClinton. “ Southwest Florida Pearl” is up next; by Sunny Jim. Now we’re “Knee Deep” with the Zac Brown Band . Don Middlebrook even joins our posse with “Wagon Wheel Gone Trop Rock “. Eric Stone also makes a return appearance and follows with “ Living It Up Down Under”. We end today’s rotation withthe legend; Bruce Springsteen everybody – and “ Born In the U.S.A” .

If you would like to make a request or have any suggestions for artists please contact

Thanks for tuning in with us, hope to see y’all next week!


Featured Artist – Bob Karwin

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Bob Karwin began his music career in Boston, Massachusetts on June 4, 1990, playing to drunken mobs in the Irish pubs and college bars. He quickly made a name for himself in Beantown by being able to tame an unruly crowd fired by Guinness and Jack Daniels using only his guitar and a microphone.

In 1993, Bob packed up his Jeep and moved to sunny San Diego. His blend of humor and thoughtful songwriting struck a chord with Southern Californians and he began to develop a following at his rowdy one man shows.  Bob is now a full fledged Californian, strolling the beaches and vowing to never shovel a driveway ever again.

Bob has played along side of many members of Jimmy Buffett’s band, the Coral Reefers, including Greg “Fingers” Taylor, Amy Lee, Deb McColl, T.C. Mitchell, Doyle Grisham, and Jay Spell.  He has been a featured act at many national “parrothead” events, including Phins to the West (Laughlin, NV), Migration (Las Vegas, NV), Laid Back Attack (Seattle, WA), Six String Music (New Orleans, LA), Atlanta Parrothead Cruise, Angels in Tropical Shirts (Lake Charles, LA) and Meeting of Minds (Key West, FL) to the list. You should also ask him about the time he opened for Barenaked Ladies in Anaheim, CA.  That’s a good story.

The Bob Karwin Report Gets Nominated for a TRMA!

My radio show was nominated for a 2011Trop Rock Music Award for Best Radio Show.  I am so proud of this show and ecstatic that the listeners are rallying behind it.  If you are a Margarita Mafia member, please cast your vote for the BKR when you receive your final ballot.

If you haven’t heard, I am hosting a new, weekly show on the internet radio station Beachfront Radio.  It’s a one hour, trop rock talk show where I report and comment on current on News, Sports, and Entertainment.  I also play a bunch of my favorite trop rock music. Tune in to every Monday at 8:00 p.m. EST/5:00 pm PST.  There is also an encore presentation on Sunday nights at 9:00 pm EST/6:00 pm PST.

This week will be my birthday episode (9/26/11) I’ll tackle the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” and, if I can get it done in time, debut a brand new Bob Karwin song.  Hope you can tune in.

I will soon be adding a “transcripts” page here on the web site with the transcript of each week’s BKR.  Stay tuned for that.

New Dates Added

I have updated the schedule page with new events including a visit to Rocky Point in Mexico on October 14-15 to play with Mark Mulligan, KD Moore, Rob Mehl and Sam Rainwater.

I have also posted the info on my two shows during Meeting of the Minds in Key West, November 5, 2011.

I also added info for my very first show at Trop Rock’s premier house concert venue, The Yard in Tampa, FL on April 21, 2012.

Trop Rock Songs – Stories and Tales as told by the singers & songwriters Book

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as told by the Singer/Songwriters

by Andy Forsyth

. . . and a Whole lotta PHUN!



These are the stories as told by the singer/songwriters in their own words about their songs. What they were thinking about or what inspired them or what happened that caused them to write the song. Sometimes the inspiration is described as “Research”, when you’re out partying a little too much and wind up in an awkward situation. No problem, it was just “Research for a new song I’m trying to write”. This book is just a whole lotta phun!


The book was inspired by Sunny Jim and his Research song. I heard his song one time, I believe it was at the Boatyard  Bar and Grill in Annapolis, MD and after he had been telling stories about his other songs, I thought to myself, there has got to be a book in all these stories. And I was right. With Michelle Becker’s help I sent out the initial poll for stories via email to all the Margarita M.A.F.I.A. singer/songwriters. I got an immediate and positive response and from there, started looking for more singer/songwriters who had some great songs and stories. I ended up with about 59 of some the most well known singer/songwriters and even an actor and TV producer in the book. Including, Peter Mayer, Will Kimbrough, Sunny Jim, Scott Kirby, Howard Livingston, Brent Burns, Jim Morris, John Frinzi, Tall Paul, Crawdaddy, Gary Seiler, Jerry Gontang, Richie Saccente (Young Rebel Goombas), John Reno, Del Suggs, Rob Miller (TV Producer, twentysixmiles), John Schneider (Star of twentysixmiles), this was the interview that was done by Jimmy Pirate for the Margarita M.A.F.I.A. May 2011 artist of the month featuring Rob Miller and John Schneider for the TV Series. Also in the book is Scott Nickerson, founder of PHiP, Inc. and many regional and local artists as well. We only have three female artists in the book, Michelle Becker, Cindy Walsh, and at the last minute I was able to include Lenore Troia. Of course there were a lot that didn’t make it in this book, not by choice but because I didn’t have their email or web site or perhaps they just didn’t have time to fill out the forms and write up the stories. But maybe in the next book you’ll see them.


Each of the singer/songwriters have about 4-7 songs in the book along with the stories behind the songs and the lyrics. And lots of pictures of them at their shows or with other singer/songwriters and even a few celebrities. Many of the artists sent me their stories/lyrics/pictures but for about 25 I had to do live face to face interviews or phone interviews, recorded the interview and transposed everything. Then had them check it to make sure it was what they wanted in the book. (what a long process that was!)

This book has been a lot of phun to put together and I’ve gotten to know them a lot better than I ever would have otherwise. They are just a great bunch of people.


We are planning a second book and have 45 people that I’ve either contacted or have on my list so we’re hoping to get something started around the first of the year towards the second book. I’d like to find more females for the second book and some younger artists like the 15-year-old kid, Nicky Fabb that Swim Skinny found. The future of any musical genre, sport, hobby, etc is dependent on getting young people involved.


Speaking of the second book, we are holding a contest in the first book, where whoever gets the most signatures in the book from all the featured artists will win a free full color copy of the second book and a full page picture of them holding the first book with all the signatures. They will have 2 years to get all the signatures. It’s all explained in the book.


The book will be released in Key West for the MOTM 2011 Don’t Stop The Carnival, 20th Anniversary.

I will be at various venues and will have my locations posted to our web site and Facebook so people will know where we will be. There will be two versions of the book. A B/W soft back and a Limited Edition Serialized Full Color Hard Back. Both 8×10 and about 460 pages. The B/W will sell for $35 and $5 of each book will go to charity. The Color will sell for $100 and $20 of the color book will go to charity. We need at least 550 pre-orders so we can begin printing the 1000 copies and get the best price. The more pre-orders we get the more we can print and get an even better price. We are also putting together a composite CD of about 20 of the singer/songwriters. These will sell for $15 and $3 goes to charity. The Color Book also includes the CD, no extra charge. We are also offering a combo package that sells for $125 and include both books and the CD. You can give a book to someone for Christmas, their birthday or put it in a raffle basket at one of your parrot head events.


The other important part of the sale of the book is the singer/songwriters will be sharing in the profits. They can sell the book and CD at their events and reap the rewards as well. Books can be ordered via email or purchased via the website through PayPal. Many of the singer/songwriters will be posting the book on their website so you can go to there site and the link will take you our website.


The main purpose of the book is to promote Trop Rock music to people who may not have ever heard of this wonderful music before and to help raise a little more money for the charities that the singer/songwriters support.


Web site:

Email: Contact Us

Facebook: TropRock Songs

PayPal: Purchase

Until Next Time…  Trop On!



Beachfront Radio – Your Connection to the Islands

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BeachFront Radio is an Internet radio station that plays the best of independent Trop Rock bands and musicians along with a healthy mix of great rock and country classics. They also air some great shows that showcase the music they play as well as news and informative interviews.

Meet the wonderful and energetic staff:

DJ Jeff Allen has been a part of the Trop Rock World since the early 90’s and has performed at numerous Trop Rock events around the country.  He is host of The Amish Beach Party , heard exclusively on BeachFront Radio and winner of Trop Rock Radio Show of the Year for 2009 and 2010.  He also won Trop Rock Radio Station Of the Year as program director at a previous station in 2009 and for his BeachFront Radio in 2010. His programming expertise creates the incredible blend of music aired and his vast knowledge of music genres in general along with his passion for Trop Rock make his LIVE shows entertaining for all.

Cali Carol wears several hats on The BeachFront.  Not only does she share duties with DJ Jeff in the daily decision making of the station, she also utilizes her award-winning expertise with event planning to coordinate our live events proving time and time again that she knows how to plan a fun filled party whether inland or on The BeachFront.  Recently, she has also introduced her alter-ego “Capt’n Cali” to the Trop Rock World along with her Co-host Cheeto Gyrl on the critically acclaimed show Pyrates Behaving Badly heard every Tuesday night at 9 PM EST exclusively on BeachFront Radio.

Cali Christa handles all of BeachFront Radio’s press releases and composes the bi-monthly newsletters.  Her alter-ego Cheeto Gyrl can also be heard every week on Pyrates Behaving Badly every Tuesday night at 9 PM EST.

Tiki Thom comes to BeachFront Radio with a ton of media and marketing experience, both with his own radio station and with various websites.  Tiki Thom is also a widely known Trop Rock musician with his most recent CD being “Bikinis and Martinis”



Music Hut

They’ve got your favorite Trop Rock artists and bands coming into the Hut making their music available to you and there’s even more coming to you soon. All of their albums are available as MP3 downloads. You’ve got the choice of single tracks or the entire album for most of your selections. Order some albums and tracks and keep on shopping. Every download you purchase supports the artists and it supports BeachFront Radio. Keep checking back often and let them know who you need to see in the store.  You can email them at with any questions.

Find them on Facebook


Until Next Time…  Trop On!