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Trop Starz & Tiki Barz

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Trop Starz & Tiki Barz is comprised of a group of fun-loving parrot heads who wish to raise funds for important charities, while increasing awareness of a new music genre of music called Trop Rock.

 The members of this group are people known as “parrot heads”. The parrot head motto is, Party With a Purpose…which means that, in addition to their love of the tropical lifestyle inspired by   Jimmy Buffett, they also want to give back to their community.  They do this by raising money for charities, and donating man-hours for environmental issues…and having fun while doing it.

We are proud to present some of the premier TropRock musicians in our area… and beyond. Not only do we have some great local talent coming from Binghamton, we also have bands traveling from western New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and as far away as California! You will not be disappointed by the music you will hear and we hope it will make you feel like you’ve been transported to a tropical island somewhere.
Please check back often as this list may change.

For a preview of what you’ll be seeing, look up our bands on facebook 
or iTunes, or visit their websites for more information:


First and foremost, the mission of this event is to raise money for a national, as well as two local charities. These charities are the Wounded Warrior Project, the Magic Paintbrush Project and the Humane Society.

For more information on these organizations please visit their websites at:

Check out their site.