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Featured Artist – Dani Hoy

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Dani Hoy, aka “TropiGal” is a perfect example of the adage “better late than never“. Her music paints a vulnerable and honest view of life in a beach-oriented spirit of fun and adventure.

danihoyThis all comes three decades after a year of guitar lessons, seeing her musician father in action, and spot opportunities singing in choirs, choruses, and theater. After years of listening to her favorite songs over and over again until she knew every line, her fans are doing the same with her songs and clamoring for more. The wait is almost over.

Dani Hoy’s widely anticipated 2nd full CD, “Songs of Love and the Ocean” has been released, once again in collaboration with Kevin Johnston. The two teamed up on her first project, “TropiGal”, which facilitated many opportunities in the Tropical Rock genre in the form of live performances and airplay. She has twice been nominated for awards by the Trop Rock Music Association ( in 2012 and 2013.

Her belated music career began four years ago, with Dani hitting the open mic circuit and performing in front of audiences with her guitar. Naturally the showboat side of her personality was front and center and shared a sense of fun earnest interaction.  She sang many nights away after putting in a full eight on her day job as a graphic artist. This made her transition to larger audiences rather simple.

After recently gaining some freedom from her day job, Dani Hoy’s passion for music is on full display as she tackles a full performance schedule around the country. Her crafty songwriting and stage presence shines through at multiple Trop Rock festivals, house concerts, collaborations, and gatherings.

There is no doubt Dani Hoy is on the move. It’s hard to escape hearing her music these days.

If you haven’t heard the music of Dani Hoy… an escape is only a listen away!

Dani’s Website

Just a quick note from the Tropigal

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I know I just sent you an email and I hope this isn’t too soon but I just wanted to let you know a couple of things:

First, my final installment of my MOTM adventure in my blog is done. You can read about it here:

Second, I’ve been nominated for, thanks to you, some categories in Beachfront Radio’s Top of the Trops. This is the final vote and you can vote for me for Female Vocalist, “TropiGal” as album of the year and either “TropiGal” or “Drunk on Mallory Square” as song of the year:

You may vote once per device, so you can vote on your home computer, work computer, your phone, your tablet and it all counts! The final winners will be announced on Beachfront Radio December 26 and 27 each day between the hours of 2pm-4pm during the Amish Beach Party with DJ Jeff Allen. You can listen on your computer and via a phone app such as Tune-in or Live 365. Thank you for voting for me and helping me promote my music!

While you’re visiting Beachfront Radio, you can download the CD “TropiGal” for only $7.99 from the Music Hut.

Music makes a great gift. If you want to order “TropiGal” the CD and not the download, visit my

Well, that’s it for now! In about a month I’ll be heading to Southwest/Central Florida for a short tour.

Thanks for your support again and see you at the End of the Road some day,


Featured Artist of the Week – Dani Hoy

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Dani Hoy

“A breath of fresh air. An incomparable artist.”

“The best musician in the world. EVAH!” 

“Her unique voice will entrance you…” 

While I’d like to say those things were said about me, they weren’t. Someday I hope to have a list of real, actual quotes about my music. For now, I can dream. 

So, here’s a little something about me that’s true: I was born in Baltimore and spent most of my life on one side or the other of the Mason/Dixon line. (I always explain that my parents couldn’t make up their minds which side they preferred.) Throughout my life, I’ve loved music. The radio was always on in our house and in the car. I could never get enough of songs and singing. My brother, cousin and I would put together musical variety shows for our parents complete with costumes and sets. I don’t know how good the shows were, but we loved putting them on.

Most of my singing experience comes from theater, choirs and other singing groups. I started playing guitar when I was 12, but only starting really learning songs about four years ago. A friend of mine encouraged me to go to open mics, a great opportunity to hone your performance skills. Playing and singing at the same time was a challenge, at first, but now feels a lot more natural. Marti, my Martin, and I are getting along just great! 

I wrote my first song, “Tropical Man,” about two years ago. I was inspired by the music on an internet radio station. Most of the songs were about guys quitting their jobs and running off to the Keys to live a carefree life. I noticed there weren’t a lot of women singing about escapism and thought it would be fun to write about this from a woman’s perspective. I’m honestly not that materialistic, but it seems to me that women tend to be more practical. The fact is most of what I’m singing about is unattainable, but so what. It’s my fantasy. 

One day, someone took a chance on me and everything changed. I played over a weekend at an event called Spring Phling, in Wildwood, New Jersey, and someone asked me if I had a CD. Then some other folks asked me that question. Before I knew it, I was writing more songs and seriously contemplating a CD. That weekend was an incredible amount of fun, with meeting musicians and performing. If you don’t grab an opportunity you may just miss out on something wonderful. I suddenly found myself doing and saying unexpected things. The adventure has begun.

Purchase CD Here
My first CD, TropiGal, will be out soon. My experience in the studio has been wonderfully positive. I have no idea what is coming down the road after this CD, but, if nothing else happens, I know I’ve done something I’ve only dreamed about. So far, the journey has been magical.