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William Fair has traveled most of his life. No port is foreign to him and no person a stranger. When asked “How many days a year do you travel?’ His only answer is, “not nearly enough.”.

…on island time

This headline pretty much says it all. I stepped out of the fast lane about 15 years ago and switched my watch to island time. Since that time I haven’t looked back. I am on the go constantly, searching for new adventures around in some of the most beautiful places on earth. I travel extremely lightly. I don’t have much to lose which means I am always packed and ready to move on to the next location.
I do have a home in the southern United States where my roots are planted, but my mind is often in the clouds as my free-spirit travels from island to island in search of interesting people, places and all that goes with those two abundant quantities. Whether my travels are by boat, plane or ship, I am living life day-by-day with an understanding that there is no guarantee for tomorrow. I live my life so as to not regret my choices and enjoy every breath I take.

I have been enjoying life in a new way since then. This life of wandering, roaming and exploring is not for everyone but, it is definitely for me.

…in paradise

Paradise is found in the lower latitudes. I have always heard the lower the latitude the better the seafood and that is definitely true. Whoever said that was correct, but he left a lot out when he just said seafood. He could have included the weather, the customs, the people, the music and the list could have gone on and on. Everything is better in the lower latitudes and, I do mean everything.

Over 500 years have passed since these islands were discovered by Europeans. The islands are not unchanged or unexplored, but I find new and interesting things every day. Everywhere I travel I am filled with wonder and a wanderlust to keep moving, keep exploring and keep sharing all that I see.




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